Yellow & The Joy of Self Discovery


The sun shines inside of me and I enjoy sharing my radiance.
A yellow sun appears in the sky declaring its uniqueness from the vast blue.  As the yellow petal opens within us we become curious about who we are as a particular and unique aspect of life. We begin to ask: “Who Am I?”


Humankind is here to awaken, after all what else has held the fascination of humankind more thoroughly for millennia than self-discovery? There are many levels of self-inquiry. When we work with the color spectrum, many spirals of creation are revealed to us over time. It is like cleaning the windshield of a muddy car. Suddenly things seem much more comprehensible. We may begin noticing people, environments or thoughts that we simply walked by before. One sign that people are beginning to wake up is that they notice the colors of the flowers; their step becomes lighter and they are naturally optimistic. With inquiry our inner dimensions open and reveal themselves exactly in the way and the rate at which we can accept and integrate them. The yellow essence tends to bring a smile to our lips.


Yellow curiosity is a quality of our true nature and as our innate intelligence reveals itself, we find we can shine that light on any situation and be guided. A thrill of joy may begin to arise in us as we realize that our curiosity will support us in discovering who we truly are! Yellow is one of the wings that helps us fly all to way Home. When we shine our light into both internal and external explorations we discover all sorts of surprising new things about ourselves and others. With the light of inquiry fear melts because we know that our Infinite Self will reveal the truth.


One exercise we can practice daily is a salutation to the sun. As we pull in the rays of life affirming warmth we can choose to participate in the rich dance of life. As our yellow petal opens we may remember that our mind is at its most brilliant when used in service to the heart. Over time we may discover that we long to be more like the Divine Light: neutral, loving and wanting the best for everything and everyone.


I am joyous and curious; everything is fascinating.
I am intelligent and involved in positive interactions.
I am a radiant being and I feel free to play and explore.
The sun shines inside of me; I am a being of light.
 I am integrated and in contact with inner brilliancy.
I get me.


Yellow is linked to eternal brilliancy and divine intelligence. Wishing and wanting are part of the yellow activation. We want to stay curious about life for eventually our longing to know who we are will take us back to God.
What do you long for more than anything else?
Tell me what your inner child would like right now.
What happens inside if you silence your inner critic or judge?
Can you stretch so large that the entire world is included within you?
Have you experienced yourself as a channel for Divine Light?
What does joy feel like in your body?

Yellow Prayer