White Light
Time and space are but physiological colors
Which the eye makes, but the soul is light.
–Ralph Waldo Emerson


The soul’s love of the truth is what brings us here to earth to learn and explore. The primary quality of the white is will. Anyone who loves white has a strong will and some saintly beings align their will with divine will, which introduces the possibility of miracles. As we become more attuned with the White and the Infinite Light, we may turn out to be a portal of goodness in the world.


The White is often referred to as the Holy Spirit. Tales of merging with the Light can be found in Arthurian legend in the knight’s quest for the Holy Grail. Yogananda describes merging with the ocean of creation’s waves. When we become one with Source we may experience feeling like a clear diamond infused with bliss. We may spend days just gazing and wondering at the beauty and perfection of all of existence. The mind becomes clear like a pristine lake. Experiencing this state is one of pure pleasure, in which we radiate and feel completely fulfilled.


Everything that we see, feel, smell, taste, hear and experience right now is in the field of the soul. This is the movie that we are living in and what we are learning about. Yet it is temporal. Our ultimate reality is discovered behind and within the veils of the story we call our lives. Often our lives are largely made up of beliefs and judgments about those beliefs that are often misperceptions. We put a lot of energy into distortions because we think they are real. How do we know they are misinterpretations of reality? When we suffer. All suffering is a misinterpretation of reality; this is a truth that sets us free.


We are at a period in history when many people are beginning to have experiences of merging with their illuminated light body. It is often experienced as a diamond or a six-pointed star, which when activated becomes known as the Merkabah. Mystics throughout the ages have described the arduous ascent as they release the body/mind complex and merge with levels of the sweet divine. Cosmic Consciousness has no agenda, it does not judge, but is neutral, loving and wants what is best for everything in Creation. The Infinite Light is the greatest Alchemist, for it melts all untruth.


SELF-INQUIRY: When we choose the White we can turn to the most ancient inquiry of all: Who Am I? This can be done as a Self-Inquiry in a journal, or as a repeating question in pairs.
Try chanting: Thou art I, I am Thou.
Or: Seek Thyself In Me, Seek Me In Thyself



Dear God
Infinite Clear White Light
Please Remove The Garments Of The World
From My Body, Mind And Soul
So That I May Walk As A Child
In Your Garden Once Again
Please Fill Me With Your Grace
Hold Me, Love Me And Protect Me
On The Journey Home
Back Into Your Heart
May I Never Lose My Way Again
But Surrender Fully Into The Bliss Of Being
Let Me Taste The Truth Of Infinity
And Know Everlasting Life
I Am That
I Am
Thank You