Violet & The Spiritual Path


Listen with your inner ear.
You will find music there beyond the wildest imagination!

The color violet is connected with our spiritual path. Once we go beyond violet on the color spectrum we disappear off the screen of external manifestation. Violet can take us beyond the veil into the metaphysical and spiritual realms. It is a mystical and cosmic color.

Violet is the essence that opens within and around us like the wings of an angel when we need healing. As the violet petal opens we may feel wrapped in loving arms. When we are held in love we are able to make necessary shifts in consciousness. Sometimes we need to take time out, rest and fast. When we give time and attention to our body, our emotions naturally regulate and our minds become calmer. Like the sea when the wind is still, it is easier to relax in a warm gentle breeze. Violet is that still breeze that holds us and caresses us until we can surrender into the beauty of existence. When we are feeling peaceful we can begin to connect with our guidance and move forward in our lives with grace and ease. We might take ourselves more lightly.

Violet is the color that can dissolve negativity and end the addiction to pessimistic thinking. When we move out of alignment with our reason for existing on the planet we can become depressed or ill. As soon as we remember, we can be restored in an instant. As we melt the chaos of the mind we can feel the peace of the Divine Light. We can also disappear in violet and travel unseen to other dimensions, even in this one.
The archetype is that of the wise elder and spiritual initiate such as Merlin or Gandolph whose staff symbolizes awakened kundalini and the ability to connect with heaven and earth. Merlin inspires us with hope, for he has overcome the pulls of his internal shadows and has merged with the Divine Light. He is a blessing that shines on all worlds. We too can follow in his footsteps and be embodiments of the light and forces of good in the universe.

Close your eyes and connect with your Higher Consciousness. Tell me how healing and spiritual evolution a part of your life.
Is there some change or adjustment that you need to make in your life to free your self so that you can live the life you wish to live?
Explore an experience you have had with angels.
Do you believe that spontaneous healing is possible?
What healing experience is dear to you that you wish to share?


Divine Light
Please Clear All Patterns
Of My Family Lineage So That
I May Be Healed
And All Of My Ancestors May Be Liberated
Cleansed, Restored And Made Anew
May The Light Pour Upon Me
Like A Gentle River
Awakening Me From This World Of Dreams
May I Remember The Truth
Please Transform Me With Love and Grace
Allowing My Body To Be Filled With Infinite Light
Please Soothe Me And Restore Me
So That I May Know What It is Like
To Be Liberated From The Small Self
And Know What It Means To Live
In Heaven On Earth