Turquoise & The Higher Heart


Our conversations with others speak potential into reality.

There is in the cosmos a mystical power that can completely transform us. When the essence of turquoise is present we begin to yearn to know and feel the secrets of the Higher Heart. Turquoise is a potent color that can manifest dreams. Ultimately this mystical source can guide us to our own liberated consciousness. It is as if the doors to our self-created prison begin to melt. We start to resolve our health, financial and relational issues. Suddenly the blind man can see and walks out into the world as his own master with the ability to shape his personal destiny.

Turquoise supports us in using our creative potential for the highest good of all. It helps us assist others without interfering, for we each have a unique and mysterious destiny that responds to loving understanding. Creativity cannot be repressed or dominated, although it can go into hiding. As the turquoise petal opens we can take a deep breath and relax, because we realize there is a benevolent universe running the show. We always demonstrate our consciousness since what we think we create. When working with turquoise it is useful to keep a journal, to spend time visualizing and writing our dreams and visions. Our conversations with others speak potential into reality. Let’s be mindful so that we create the lives we wish to live into. Turquoise is a color that sustains affirmations.

Turquoise is a feeling color and it assists us in exploring our heart’s longing and desires at an even deeper level. To truly know ourselves we often have to let go of our inner possessions, meaning our beliefs and opinions that block us from true knowledge of the Self. Until that time we may experience some negativity, and that is simply where we have forgotten God.

Prayers hold the vibrations of optimal health. They cleanse the dust of the world off of us. Anything that scares us has authority over us and therefore it is useful to sweep out our fears on a regular basis. Like an architect, what we think we generate. To create wellness in the body we must affirm it, pray for it and decide that it is true. In turquoise our awareness begins to intensify and this means that we need to become increasingly aware of our thoughts, words and deeds, for that is what we are attracting into our lives. The surest way to limit or destroy our inventions is to talk about our plans before they have actualized. When we are creating wellness we need to understand and honor our potency. The turquoise petal reminds us to speak only about what has already been established so that our dreams have time and space to actualize.

As the turquoise petal unfurls within us we may discover that we have an unlimited capacity for creative expression. We are all attuned differently. Creative expression for one person may take the form of singing, for another it may be acting in a play, or writing a novel, or painting a picture or directing a film. Some people may love to organize things, or build objects, or be fascinated by science or medicine, or be attuned with nature. Some people are natural athletes and others enjoy meditation. The point is that when we do what it is that our heart’s love, then the fulfillment of our lives follows. We are blessed to have this physical existence in which we can explore so much. Through precision we can learn to develop our unique capacities and skill sets so that over time they have the potential of being gifts for the world. The more we share with others the more we receive. That is the true definition of abundance. When our cup is full all we want to do is share it with others. As we shift into the new era and free ourselves of outdated paradigms and structures, we invite in the truly loving and limitless potential of Creation. Human beings are incredibly creative and resilient, yet it the Creator who is the source of all.

Those who have awakened to their inner turquoise are capable of being uniquely themselves. They are unafraid of their own self-expression and become a contribution to the community. The flow of the universe can bring resources in the form of connection to the light, optimal health, satisfying relationships, a secure place in the community and money as an additional and helpful universal currency. We discover that we can ride the waves of new opportunity and have no need be any place other than the present moment, which is where our full creative expression is found.


Feel how you are being breathed by a loving cosmos.
Explore what it is like to for the mind to surrender to the enlightened heart.
Do you have any inter-dimensional stories you would like to share?
Ask yourself this question: “What is it that your heart longs to share with the world?”

Infinite One
Please be with us that we may know you fully.
Let us know of your creative intelligence.
We are not afraid for our hearts tell us
That Presence is the source of all goodness,
The rest is but illusion.
May all of the natural world,
All people of the earth
And all star-beings throughout the cosmos
Be abundantly cared for in each moment.
May we change any thoughts or ideas that limits us,
Assist others who also wish to transform
And trust that all sentient beings are cared for perfectly
Wherever they may be in their evolution.
May we meet the unbridled Self
Who swims in the ocean of compassion and unbounded love.
May we know the wealth of the truth,
Our true prosperity.
May we become fully aware of your loving Presence
And know without hesitation
That there is no true separation
That exists between us.
Thank you.