Tracking the Deer

Tracking The Deer CoverTracking The Deer, is Ayn’s first book of poetry published in Dyfed, Wales by Envoi Press in 1991. Many of the poems were previously published in North American and British literary journals including, “Artemis,” “Oasis,” “Understanding” and “Weyfarers.”

This is a first edition, limited edition. The mystical poems are mostly reflections about growing up and overcoming shadows. There are a few early poems about Irish mythology.

(Poem From Page 19)

Dusk In A Familiar Meadow

I have walked these fields and seen
how light rises and cold settles,
the different ways a twig can fall,
new trails made by calves.

The moon is suspended,
a white apple on silver limbs.
The cry of an owl
runs through the forest like wind.

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