The Sanity of Listening to the Living Earth

by AynCates on January 2, 2013

in Spiritual Inspiration

Recently I met a woman who told me that her dog was dying. “He spoke to me and I heard him,” she said. I just continued to observe her, since listening to our animals is how we live here on the ranch. “It sounds crazy,” she continued. The rest of the conversation centered around the idea that perhaps it is craziness NOT to hear the living world around us! We know how to live, how thrive, to give birth and cross on. The cycles are natural and there is intelligence that pervades every aspect of our world. When we forget how to be with the living world our animals can remind us.

I believe part of the potential renaissance that is occurring is that we must learn to listen to the natural world. I would like to focus some of these blogs on how exactly we listen, and encourage readers to share the ways they have of listening to the songs of birds, the ocean waves, and also the subtle messages of plants, and the messages our pets share with us. We can really listen to anything we choose. It is simply a matter of attuning our mind, rather like shifting the dials on a radio and hearing different channels. The human world is one, but if we really listen we might listen to a tree. It requires a shift of perspective. We have to slow down, because trees don’t move around. We have to attune to their pulse and sense their medicine. Remember that we have a symbiotic relationship with plants, when we breathe out they breathe in. So we are always in attuned resonance with one another. The relationship can become more conscious and sacred.

Part of this new renaissance of enlightenment is realizing that the feminine was cut out of our culture in one easy way: we dominated her by accusing her of insanity. For hundreds of years anyone who spoke to the living world and shared it was quickly disposed of, including our native people who understand the living and breathing mother earth. Witch-hunts were particularly brutal in Europe from 15-18th centuries CE, estimating in the deaths a hundred thousand people, some sites claim that the deaths total the millions. Even now female genocide is a concern. As we birth the feminine back onto planet earth we need to honor our mothers and grandmothers who have had the courage to continue despite much ignorance, and forgive the perpetrators. We are also challenged because there are so few who have developed the capacities and gifts of the true woman.
One thing that we can do is to stop second-guessing our sanity. A dog is a living being. If it speaks to us, we can return the honor by listening and acknowledging his messages. If other people think it’s nuts, they just haven’t attuned yet to the new world. That’s it! The first step in the restoration of the feminine is to stop condemning the small voice within us, and actually become more receptive to the messages of our hearts. We have to play an active role in dismantling and rejecting our own inner critic and steer clear of our tendency to judge, for those are structures that keep us bound and trapped.

After that we are free to play in the cosmic tides of existence and realize we don’t have to go anywhere, because we are already home!

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