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Inquiring Into Color

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A little consideration of what takes place around us every day would show us that a higher law than that of our will regulates events; that our painful labors are unnecessary and fruitless; that only in our easy, simple, spontaneous action are we strong, and by contenting our self with obedience we become divine. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Colors are not the language of the soul exactly, for the soul cannot be limited by words, yet color is often the place where we can begin to explore the bliss of being. The word is a powerful manifestation of sound and has a great influence upon the soul. As Emerson suggests, there is a higher law that can begin to reveal itself to us. It is through the soul that we can come to know who we are and the heart loves the colors of this world.

Our practice is that of inquiry, which is one of the most ancient paths to Self-Realization. The technique is very simple and anyone of any age can practice. We do not have to commit to complete liberation, but we may wish to know ourselves better. That intention is quite enough to get us started.

Many spiritual traditions around the world open the gates to the great mysteries using color as the first turning of the wheel. Colors are familiar to us and even children love them. We need to have a feeling of open curiosity to really begin to understand who we truly are. When we begin navigating our inner worlds, colors can reveal the qualities that we all share: joy, love, compassion, strength, will and many more. By decoding color and understanding its visual symbolism, we can explore what is real within each of us in a precise and in depth manner. For instance, when green opens up within our hearts we feel compassion. As we become familiar with our inner world of color, we can move into a more intimate relationship with our inner world and with our soul. Using color as a tool to increase awareness, we can slow down and meditate on our inner process. We can begin to sense our own unique pattern and design, stop efforting and simply find our place in the universe. Being alive is a wonderful gift!

When we work with color consciously we can upgrade our subconscious mind and begin to bring awareness into our consciousness. This is the way that true growth happens. The bulb of the flower begins to push up from the ground of its being and reach upward towards transcendent heights to find its true expression. We are no different.

With color we can learn to uproot negativity like unwelcomed weeds and instead focus on a healthy holistic outlook on life, which tends towards optimism and hope. We begin to see the difference between a pattern and the truth of who we are and we become spontaneous and naturally joyful. We have found that negativity is transmuted and metabolized quite naturally by a loving consciousness. When we let ourselves simply be who we are, we can let go of our learned outdated dualistic concepts (right/ wrong and good/bad) and instead allow a unified consciousness to begin to emerge that supports our inner and outer realities. A hallmark of maturity is the capacity to hold polarities and paradoxes. We naturally become more drawn to unity, to our shared essence.

Spirit is forgiving and allowing. Once we are consciously aware of dysfunctional behaviors or thoughts, we can choose new currents and patterns to create new dynamic behaviors and thought processes which are more aligned with our higher consciousness. It is an easy and natural process. Even while we are struggling to change, what is happening is that change is simply taking place. What a relief when we can take a deep breath, let go of all self-judgment and simply allow our own blossoming to occur. And, even more wonderfully, what if we choose to participate in our own unfoldment? Knowing each colorful petal of our soul helps us open more fully, take a full breath and embrace the knowing that we already have everything we need within us right now.

We are at a time when we can collectively begin to let go of our false programs like outdated garments and align with our higher selves. Over time we can develop new skills and gifts, such as intuition and direct knowing. All of this is incredibly important, for it is the medium of the soul who acts as a bridge to awakening consciousness and eventually Self-Realization. Our soul is a master colorist. Let’s inquire and see what worlds we have yet to discover within our souls.

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