Ayn Cates Sullivan monologue on “Choosing Freedom”

What does choosing freedom look like? On today’s episode of Wisdom of the Ages, host Ayn Cates Sullivan talks about freedom and how to learn and grow and create your own idea of freedom. She talks about accessing, understanding, learning and researching to find what freedom means to you and how to create and choose freedom for yourself. Tune in because you won’t want to miss Ayn dive into this incredibly eye-opening conversation.

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Ayn Cates Sullivan monologue on “Spiritual Awakening”

Have you had your spiritual awakening? On today’s episode of Wisdom of the Ages, host Ayn Cates Sullivan talks about spiritual awakenings and understanding who we are as spiritual beings. Ayn also discusses overcoming our fears and five steps to being free. Tune in to today’s episode to learn more about spiritual awakenings.

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Ayn Cates Sullivan monologue on “The Beloved”

How can your beloved be a path to spiritual awakening and ultimate liberation? In this episode of Wisdom of the Ages, host Ayn Cates Sullivan shares her experience about living life with her soulmate. Ayn compares her experience to surfing on a cosmic ocean with her true soulmate being there to ride the wave to cosmic bliss with her. Listen in as she proves how it is possible to love your soulmate all the way to the divine sacred union.

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Ayn Cates Sullivan monologue on “The Sacred Friend”

Do you have a sacred friend? Which friend do you trust the most? How long did it take for you to say your name? In this episode of Wisdom of the Ages, host Ayn Cates Sullivan speaks about the body and mind being the unique expressions of one’s consciousness. She also shares how important it is to begin to change with yourself. Join Ayn in today’s episode as she speaks more about freeing the body, mind, and spirit, and what it is like to take a step into the unknown, the great mystery, with our best friend, the eternal self.

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Being-Luminous: Welcome to a New Paradigm

How can we shift into a new paradigm? On this episode of Wisdom of the Ages, host Ayn Cates Sullivan dives into a conversation on transforming and shaping a new paradigm, a new pattern of thinking and mindset. In this episode she discusses the intricacy involving everything that impacts the shifting into a new paradigm, from spirit, to prayer, to body, to mind, to environment and much more. She uses her wisdom and experience to encourage and share her knowledge in this exciting episode. Tune in to this episode because you won’t want to miss it.


WOA-Being-Luminous: Welcome to a New Paradigm



Ayn Cates Sullivan give an hour long monologue on spiritual awakening.
She speaks of 5 paths to liberation including:

1) Education
2) Nature and Celtic Shamanism
3) Gurus & Spiritual Teachers
4) Selfless Service
5) That Path of Inquiry

The theme is getting free and establishing Direct Knowing with the Divine.

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Writing & Studying

Ayn Cates Sullivan, MA, MFA, Ph.D. is an award-winning and bestselling author focusing on mythology and folklore for the modern age. Sullivan’s series, “Legends of the Grail” includes two highly acclaimed books, Heroines of Avalon and Other Tales and Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses.

Dr. Sullivan obtained her BA with honors at Hollins University, her Masters and Doctorate in Literature from Columbia University and King’s College London. She continues to study with British experts on Celtic myth and legend, including John and Caitlin Matthews. Dr Sullivan is a member of OBOD, the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids. She is also involved in the Ridhwan School, and practices the Diamond Approach to awakening.

After obtaining her Masters in Spiritual Psychology (2006), she began working with individuals and small groups. She loves to assist creative women and men who are beginning to awaken to their True Nature. Because she loves writing, she tutors a few emerging authors each year. Dr. Ayn Cates Sullivan is also the author of an award-winning series of inspirational children’s books and has won more than thirty literary awards for her works.

Contact: Grailheroine@gmail.com


The Teachings

Our practice is that of inquiry, which is one of the most ancient paths to Self-Realization.

The Teachings

The technique is very simple and anyone of any age can practice. We do not have to commit to complete liberation, but we may wish to know ourselves better. That intention is quite enough to get us started. We usually begin with colors, which children of all ages love.


Mutual Blossoming

The Colors


Ayn on Writing

What is a good book?

A good book is a doorway to another world. You open the portal and become immersed in new thoughts, ideas and sensations. Literature is the way we pass knowledge from one generation to the next. True literature is a beacon of hope.

Advice for aspiring authors:

Write because you have to, because there is a river of words pouring through you and you can’t stop the flow. If you aspire to be an author you need to love being a storyteller. Write about what is real and true, but also remember words have power and impact people’s lives. Become observant of the world around you, listen to conversations and share stories that bring light, healing and awareness to the world. To be successful involves becoming a sharp editor, a distribution wizard, and doing PR with grace and ease. If you aspire to be an author, never stop learning, question everything. To be an author you have to love what you do. Writing is the air you breathe. Keep a journal and note book with you. Observe the world and become increasingly curious. Write because you love it.

Don’t let criticism or a bad review get your down:

Do find a good editor and work with them. Meanwhile remember, opinions are like bottoms, everyone has one!

Writing Ritual:

Go outside and observe the world around you. Take the same path again and again and notice that each day there are differences due to the lighting and the seasons. When I am in my contemplative poetic nature, the entire world speaks to me. Trees have stories to share, so do animals. I like to practice journeying through trees in visualizations and see where the tunnels of the imaginal lead me. My ritual is just to become very still, reflective and meditative. I meditate every day for at least 15 minutes and sometimes for several hours. I can write up to 13 hours a day. Most of what I write is in journal form, but the free flow of words and ideas inspires the next book. Sometimes I sit at a cafe and listen to a conversation, and then imagine who the people are and how they live. That can become a story. The main practice is to just keep writing. The more you write the more the words come.

Dare to be magnificent!

Writing has opened the world up to me like an ever unfurling red carpet. I have won scholarships to universities, grants to study folklore, literary awards. I encourage young authors to go for their dreams too. If you persevere, it can happen. Writing can take you on a magical carpet ride to all sorts of places and inner realizations. Turn off your cellphone, computer and all electronics. Tap into what is real and true within you. The only person who could live your life and deliver your message is you. You are a flower upon the earth that wishes to blossom. Dare to be creative. Dare to be magnificent.

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