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An audio introduction to the Sparkle series read by the author.
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“A timeless fairytale for children for all ages. Sparkle & The Gift is about a little girl who decides not to forget who she is, a radiant being of Light. Sparkle’s remarkable determination is contagious. She takes her mother, Alice, outdoors to align with the natural world and to remember that the Light is everyone’s friend. Alice is inspired to tell the story of ‘Kachina’s Gift’, which is a fairytale designed to remind us that everything we need is already within us.”

Sparkle and the Gift is given the GOLD award of Excellence by the Mom’s Choice Awards!

Sparkle & The Gift by Ayn Cates Sullivan, PhD
Illustrated by Belle Crow duCray
Highpoint Life
Gold: Bedtime Story /Fantasy, Myths & Legends / New Age & Indigo Topics


la-book-festival-2012 london-bk-festival  BHBA-winner-100

5star-shiny-web1Sparkle is a little girl whose real name is Sarah. She blossoms with light and color and loves the natural world around her. One rainy day, she’s feeling sad. When her mother, Alice, asks her why, Sparkle talks about being hue-man, a child of many hues (colors). She explains that everyone is and can be a color and it makes the world a more beautiful place. Her mother tells her the story of a fairy, Kachina, who, like Sparkle, loved the natural world around her. She took care of nature and was rewarded with nature’s bountiful colors and, yes, sparkles. She gifts a beautiful white rose to a sick woman which helps the woman blossom into the beautiful person she was meant to be. In return, the woman realizes that she must take care of her garden in a special way and be grateful for all its beauty and color.

Humans were created to be caretakers of the world. Somewhere down the line, many humans have lost sight of this purpose and these humans have lost their color. Ayn Cates Sullivan’s colorfully illustrated children’s book, Sparkle and the Gift, serves to remind all of us, young and old, of our divine purpose in protecting nature, in taking care of our world. The story is written like a fable which, like all fables, has the purpose of teaching the reader valuable lessons. Using metaphors of color and light, the author develops a charming story about careful guardianship, the result being a well-kept, colorful, beautiful garden. A wonderful story.

— Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorites

“Today I had the honor to represent Ayn Cates Sullivans books at the Frankfurt book fair. It was a spontaneous idea to go that just came along a few days ago when I saw that we have such a big fair happening here in Germany.

Ayns books speak of the possibility to life in peace and harmony with all that is and the stories are filled with immense color and light. When I was on the train to Frankfurt last night I was reading Sparkle and the gift and it made me remember that all we have to do is to listen to the voice that lives in our own heart. Even within the deepest challenges there is something in us that is alive that knows, it is our essence, our true nature. Ayn writes how Sparkle experiences herself to be in a cloud sometimes.

Recently I have experienced that too after having had challenges within my family. It was really sad 
What we can do in these moments is to shake it off. And connect :-) Guidance is here when we are here. 

It was amazing to see at the fair today how the numbers of books written on self help, spirituality, inspiration, empowerment and healing are growing almost exponentially. The times we are in are in need of that obviously and each story of someone waking up is a rich one. A needed one.”

– Oskar Fassler



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