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by AynCates on January 13, 2013

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Anyone who has ever tuned into the news can tell you that the world seems like a pretty dark place.  Yet author and teacher Ayn Cates Sullivan is here to counteract that darkness, and remind you of your inner light.  A prolific writer of spiritual and uplifting literature, Ayn’s latest children’s book, Sparkle and the Gift, is a heartening tale for “children of all ages.”  Ayn holds Masters degrees in spiritual psychology and a Masters and Doctorate in literature from Columbia University and King’s College London.  She integrated her higher education and her spiritual education in color and light healing to find a higher purpose – to remind us all of our authentic selves.

Sparkle and the Gift is a story within a story.  Part one deals with a little girl named Sparkle, who reminds her mother Alice that we are beings made of light.  In turn, Alice tells Sparkle the story of “Kachina’s Gift.”  “I want kids of all ages to know that their light never goes out.  When they close their eyes and remember the sun, they know that there is a beautiful light within them always.”  Sparkle and the Gift has received a diverse range of positive reviews.  The esteemed spiritual teacher Mirabai Devi, remarked, “Sparkle is a gift, not just to children, but to the child and spirit within each of us. She is our reminder to stay connected to our souls, our purpose, and to the divine light whose love and healing can be found in every aspect of life, down to the blessing of a flower.”  Another more humorous reviewer likened Sparkle to “Carlos Castaneda for children without all the drugs.”  A testament to her age-appropriate yet mystically eloquent writing.  Perhaps the most revealing and grievous review came from a thirteen year old girl whose mother had recently passed away.  “This little girl’s mother died suddenly, but she said that knowing that her mother is made up of light helped give her the strength to heal and move on.”

Sparkle and the Gift is the first book in a series of five.  Although it is the only children’s book she has published, Ayn is no stranger to producing compelling spiritual literature.  She is also coming out with a novel, a spiritual adventure story about a girl who has a vision and follows it.  Through ten spiritual initiations she is able to resolve her inner conflicts, and restore herself to her full life.  The novel is largely reflective of Ayn’s struggle with depression in her twenties and the help she found on her journey with spiritual teachers. “The experiences of my own awakening out of life were difficult times in which I suffered a lot.  Working with color, I was able to come to peace and live a much more prosperous and successful life with more intimacy, and a loving family.”

Ayn is also working on a book of prayers inspired by Howard Wills, a healer who ordained her to be a practicing minister.  She seeks to help end patterns that cause pain and suffering by making color essences that inspire and uplift people and writing inspiring books.  Ayn works on an individual and group basis with her students, and currently lives with her husband near the Topa Topa Mountains in Ojai, California.

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