Sky Blue

Sky Blue & Prayer

Sky Blue

All becoming has needed me.
My looking ripens things
and they come toward me, to meet and be met.
-Rainer Maria Rilke

Our word communicates our will and our thoughts strongly influence our reality. The word is the medium through which life is made manifest. This concept is described in the King James Bible: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Our words are vibrations that attract or repel. We are learning to use these energies, which is why in the beginning we often need a spiritual teacher to lead, guide and protect us until we have attained a certain level of personal mastery. We have the gift of free will, so in each moment we decide whether or not to attune and align with the force of Life.

As the luminous sky blue petal of our soul opens we begin to
access deeper dimension of Presence. Practices of deep meditation and stillness increase our connection to sky blue. When we contact our inner knowing, we realize that at any moment we can choose a higher vibration and as a result live positive and happier lives. The lesson is in our awareness of the fact that we are attracting all sorts of things into our reality. Sky blue reminds us of the original pulses of light and vibrations that eventually became manifest as form. Once we are free of our illusions, projections and suffering, we can live fully upon the earth. Gratitude is one of the main keys to a bountiful existence. Every person we meet, everything that we see in this world is a reflection of our Creator. In other words, we are everything we see and conceive of for there is truly no separation. We are a molecule of God and therefore a valuable part of existence.

Connecting to God is a precise science. During the past few thousand years people have forgotten how to forge their own direct connection with the Infinite Light. Prayer helps, specifically certain words and vibrations such as the Lord’s prayer or the prayers of Howard Wills. Check the website for the Concise Formula of Prayer or follow this link:

As we become more conscious of our words, thoughts and deeds. We learn how to cleanse ourselves and our lineages. Our lives begin to improve sometimes in dramatic ways and sometimes we look back and realize that incredible progress has been made. Everyone is helped in some way. This alchemical knowledge helps not only ourselves, but also all people, animals, the earth and the cosmos. We are made in the image of God and therefore we are creator beings effecting reality every day.

Our thoughts, words and deeds are the building blocks that form our lives. Often a few words spoken with precision are more powerful than a speech. If we listen to the constant chatter in our minds we realize that our prayers and hopes are often confused and therefore the impact is lessened. The first thing we must do is dissipate the negativity and confusion by replacing our fears and concerns about an uncertain future with positive prayer. This is a scientific formula made out of our common language that is effective and transformational. As you open up to God you may feel excited and inspired to write your own prayers and songs to the divine.


Are you aware of your valuable role in all of existence?

Close your eyes for a moment and feel into the thought that everything in the universe is also you, then share from that place.

Inquire into the precious gift that is your life.

Perhaps it is time to step into the unknown and trust that the universe loves and supports you. Are you ready to surrender?

Share what is arising for you now.


Please Protect And Guide Me
That I May Be An Instrument Of Peace
Show Me How To Surrender
To Divine Wisdom
So That I May Understand
And Participate In The Perfect
Unfoldment Of Life
Please Support Me
As I Dissolve Into Essence
And Remember Who I Am
May You Hold Me With Love
As I Return To You
Please Take Me As Your Child
And Care For Me
Thank You