Silver & Guidance


Presence is always with me.

The silver essence tends to emerge with the bronze as another wing to support us as we shift into more transcendent realms. As we move towards the blue of consciousness we begin to feel more presence. Many mystics have spoken of the silver cord, which is also known as our lifeline. In silver we can become more aware of our direct connection with the infinite source of all life. We are linked to and guided by source at all times.

In silver we become more aware of this relationship and can invite it more fully into our conscious reality. This event changes us forever because we realize that we are never alone. The silver light loves us dearly and is a close companion. The silver can also be referred to as the Higher Self. It is familiar with every cell of our body, knows each breath we take and is responsive to all of our thoughts. In silver we can embrace a new best friend who leads us, guides us and will be with us throughout eternity.

As the silver petal opens within us our guidance integrates and becomes more fully established. It may be felt as a diamond or a star lovingly pulsating at the brow center or perhaps a feeling of warmth at the back of our neck. At that point the old paradigm of existence no longer works for us any more. We do not need the rules, regulations and dogmas established by others because we have discovered our own direct connection to source. Our focus changes as we begin to trust that we can follow our silver star and that it will lead us with attunement and harmony through our own process of awakening.

Silver reminds us that we are eternal beings on an adventure through space. We will all return home, for no one can be lost forever. Whenever we find ourselves feeling contracted or operating on automatic pilot we may want to pause and become more conscious of the present moment. We are most fully alive in the here in now. It is in this instant that we truly sparkle. All we ever have to do is be present in this instant, for each moment takes care of the next. We can relax and know that we are cared for. Our thoughts intermingle with universal awareness and if we will allow it, all of the assistance and guidance we ever require can be provided in an instant.

1)   Describe your understanding of Presence.
2)   What does your Higher Self feel like to you?
3)   Are you aware of any adherence to old paradigm: dogmas, rules, etc, that you would like to release now?
4)   In a twenty-minute monologue share some occurrences with direct guidance.
5)   How does living from a place of Presence influence your life?

All That Is
Please hold me in your presence
And open up my guidance
So that I may walk with you
And speak with you.
Please be my closest friend.
Open my consciousness
So that I am flooded
In the starlight
With your perception.
May our eyes be as one eye
And the steady pulsation in my brow
Be a reminder
That you are always with me.