Royal Blue

Royal BlueRoyal Blue: Nobility

“It is time to revise our appreciation of our bodies
as sacred flesh-and-blood vessels in partnership
with our minds and spirits.” – Margaret Starbird

Royal blue invites us to see beyond the veils of our normal perception and understanding. Those who love royal blue tend to be wise old souls who have come to tend the planet. There is often something noble about their personality, perhaps the way they speak or stand. As the royal blue petal of the soul opens we may find that we learn through experience, and the old ways of education seem dull in comparison. Generally those who resonate with royal blue have a direct gaze and seem to be able to see through others. At best they can help us align with our highest life purpose and mission.

The color royal blue can be made by mixing two parts blue and one part red. Indigo is similar, but a drop of black gives a rebellious touch that is not as much a part of the royal blue character. As the petal of the royal blue opens within our soul we feel as though a bridge is being built from the earthly plane of existence into a spiritual dimension. Royal blue is related to the sixth chakra and is also referred to as the third eye. It is the seat of the sixth sense of inner sight (clairvoyance), inner hearing (clairaudience) and clairsentience (intuitive feeling). Some people also add clair-cognition (higher knowing). It is very different from the instinctual realm of the lower three chakras. With royal blue we build a connection with our more refined capacities and abilities.

Every human being has free will and it is never in our best interest to interfere in the lives of others, even if we think we are helping. We can share what we see and feel, but everyone must decide in their own heart what is right for them. Psychic gifts can be used for the greater good of humanity, or they can be abused. Fairy tales are full of stories of the person with a pure heart who is tested by a selfish and distorted character. In fairy tales the good and pure person always triumphs. The wonderful thing about myths and fairytales is that they convey truths that the heart understands. People who resonate with royal blue tend to have an air of boldness about them. There may even be a sense that they are from another world, a different dimension of time and space. They may love the tales of King Author and Merlin, or stories about those who lived in accordance with their inner beliefs and with a strong sense of mission. There is something magical about those who love in royal blue, for it seems as though they can walk in between the doors of space and time with more grace and ease than most.

Those fond of royal blue have an innate sense of mission. They know from the time they are children that there is a purpose that they must fulfill. Many don’t even want to go to school because they know deep down that the schools may only interfere with who they are and why they were sent here. They like to inquire into life and find their own way through their own internal sense of Presence. If you try to control or repress them they shut down and become depressed. If you drug them, they lose their connection to their soul and become like robots who have lost their way and their soul goes into hiding. Royal blue souls must refrain from drugs and alcohol completely. Those who respond to royal blue are the new pioneers that have come to help the earth through her new transition into the golden era of wholeness. Meditation practices are very helpful as we integrate our royal blue essence.

The royal blue lesson is that of moderation. Authenticity is the key. Although messages come through, we have the responsibility to deliver words that heal. We have really done a beautiful service if we can inspire others to trust their own inner guidance, so they find they no longer need us. Those who love royal blue may be quiet and keep to themselves because they know they are different from the rest of the world for they have unusually strong inner guidance, which can take many forms.

Close your eyes and slow down feeling the intelligence that is alive and operating through you in this moment. Are there details that need to be attended to in your life right now? How are you being led, guided and directed in this moment?

Many use their natural clairaudience (clear hearing) to keep a connection to God or Presence. Their guidance may come in the form of the higher consciousness, a guardian angel, a deceased person who loves and looks after them, angels and other direct connections with the creator. The way we know that we are receiving higher guidance is that we feel loved; we make good decisions, have integrity and our lives work well. We feel touched by sweetness, a nectar that is beyond this world. Helping spirits ALWAYS inspire, uplift and selflessly care for others, for they desire to be in service to the greater will of God.


Infinite Self
Please Open The Doorway To Divine Knowing
So That I May Be Attuned And Dance
With The Creations Of Life
And Play In This Realm
Like The Gods And Goddesses Of Ancient Days
May All Of My Seven Senses Open
And May I Thoroughly Enjoy My Life
In This Freedom May I Be
A Steward And Caretaker
Of This Garden Called Earth
May I Release In This Moment
All That Does Not Serve Me
May I Be Healed On All Levels Now
Physical, Emotional, Mental And Spiritual
May The Light Shield Me With Protection
Lead And Guide Me With Inner Light
Please May I Be A Loving Presence
Now And Forever
I Am Grateful
Thank You