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Santa Barbara, CA 93111

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Hollins College, BA
Columbia University, MFA
Kings College London, Ph.D.


Tracking The Deer (poetry), Envoi, Wales, 1991

Consider This (non-fiction), Findhorn Press, Scotland, 1993

Unquenchable Spiritual Fire, 1st edition, Infinite Light Publishing, Santa Barbara, CA, 2011, republished as:
Three Days In The Light, Infinite Light Publishing, 2014

“From the Heart” lyrics co-written with Maria Cristina, CD produced by Infinite Light Publishing, 2014

The Windhorse: Poems Of Illumination (poetry), USA, 2011

Sparkle & The Gift (children’s fantasy), Highpoint Life, 2012

Sparkle & The Light (children’s series) Infinite Light Publishing, 2013

A Story Of Becoming (fable), Infinite Light Publishing, 2014

Sparkle & The Gift (second edition), Infinite Light Publishing, 2016

Sparkle & The Rainbow Dragon, (children’s fable) Infinite Light Publishing (in production, 2017 projected pub date)

Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses, (mythological fiction) Infinite Light Publishing (in production, projected pub date 2017)

Publications: blogs, newsletters, essays, articles and poems, 1982-2016


London Book Festival awards Legends of the Grail winner of the Compilations and Anthology Division, 2017

Florida Book Festival awards Legends of the Grail winner of the Wild Card Division, 2018

Margaret Markley Smith Award For Excellence In English, 1982

Overseas Research Award, King’s College London for doctorate, 1985-1993

Mom’s Choice Award, Sparkle & The Gift wins 2 Golds, New Age & Fantasy; Indigo & New Age, 2013

National Beverly Hills Books Awards, Sparkle & The Gift wins Children’s Inspirational, 2013

Los Angeles Book Festival, Sparkle & The Light wins honorable mention, 2013

Spirited Woman’s Best Books, Sparkle & The Light, Dec 2013

Mom’s Choice Awards for children’s books, Gold 2013, 2014 & 2015

Irwin Award Recipient for Best Spiritual Campaign, 2014

London Book Festival, Sparkle & The Gift and Sparkle & The Light win honorable mention, 2013 & 2014

Paris Book Festival, A Story of Becoming wins the children’s division, 2015.

Great Southeast Book Festival, A Story of Becoming wins the children’s division, 2015.

Children’s Literary Classics, A Story of Becoming wins gold for Inspirational/Visionary picture book, 2015

Great Northwest and New England Book Festivals, A Story of Becoming is honored as the Children’s Division Runner Up, 2015.

A Story of Becoming is given an honorable mention by four festivals: the Green Book Festival, Hollywood Book Festival, San Francisco, Book Fair & the Los Angeles Book Festivals, 2015.

Literary Classics honors A Story of Becoming with Gold for Visionary Picture Book, 2015

London Book Festival awards A Story of Becoming winner of the Children’s Division, 2015

Beverly Hills Book Awards announces A Story of Becoming winner, Spiritual Division, 2016

Indie Excellence Awards awards A Story of Becoming winner, Visionary Fiction Division, 2016

Nautilus Books awards A Story of Becoming gold for Middle Grades Fiction, 2016

Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, awards Sparkle & The Gift as best children’s fairytale, 2016

International Book Awards announces A Story Becoming as a Finalist, 2016

Reader’s Favorite, A Story of Becoming awarded Gold in Children’s Fable, 2016


Editor of a variety of publications in the USA and UK: 1980-2014.

Numerous Television & Radio shows: 2014-2016

Ayn Cates Sullivan Blog and Newsletter: 2014-2016

Number one best selling author on Amazon 2016


King Fisher Books, Assistant Editor, 1989

Lecturer at colleges and centers in UK, 1990

International Agent for Artists, London, 1992-1993

Experiential Workshop Leader in USA and Europe, 1993-2008

Healing Center of Santa Monica
co-owner, manager and workshop leader, 1995-1998

(Entheos) Awareness Essences, President, 1999-2011

The Colors of Consciousness Awareness Workshop Series, 2009

President of Infinite Light Publishing, 2012-PRESENT