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Santa Barbara, CA 93111

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Tracking The Deer (poetry), Envoi, Wales, 1991

Consider This (non-fiction), Findhorn Press, Scotland, 1993

Unquenchable Spiritual Fire, 1st edition, Infinite Light Publishing, Santa Barbara, CA, 2011, republished as:
Three Days In The Light, Infinite Light Publishing, 2014

“From the Heart” lyrics co-written with Maria Cristina, CD produced by Infinite Light Publishing, 2014

The Windhorse: Poems Of Illumination (poetry), USA, 2011

Sparkle & The Gift (children’s fantasy), Highpoint Life, 2012

Sparkle & The Light (children’s series) Infinite Light Publishing, 2013

A Story Of Becoming (fable), Infinite Light Publishing, 2014

Sparkle & The Gift (second edition), Infinite Light Publishing, 2016

Sparkle & The Rainbow Dragon, (children’s fable) Infinite Light Publishing (in production, 2017 projected pub date)

Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses, (mythological fiction) Infinite Light Publishing (in production, projected pub date 2017)

Publications: blogs, newsletters, essays, articles and poems, 1982-2016


Margaret Markley Smith Award For Excellence In English, 1982

Overseas Research Award, King’s College London for doctorate, 1985-1993

Mom’s Choice Award, Sparkle & The Gift wins 2 Golds, New Age & Fantasy; Indigo & New Age, 2013

National Beverly Hills Books Awards, Sparkle & The Gift wins Children’s Inspirational, 2013

Los Angeles Book Festival, Sparkle & The Light wins honorable mention, 2013

Spirited Woman’s Best Books, Sparkle & The Light, Dec 2013

Mom’s Choice Awards for children’s books, Gold 2013, 2014 & 2015

Irwin Award Recipient for Best Spiritual Campaign, 2014

London Book Festival, Sparkle & The Gift and Sparkle & The Light win honorable mention, 2013 & 2014

Paris Book Festival, A Story of Becoming wins the children’s division, 2015.

Great Southeast Book Festival, A Story of Becoming wins the children’s division, 2015.

Children’s Literary Classics, A Story of Becoming wins gold for Inspirational/Visionary picture book, 2015

Great Northwest and New England Book Festivals, A Story of Becoming is honored as the Children’s Division Runner Up, 2015.

A Story of Becoming is given an honorable mention by four festivals: the Green Book Festival, Hollywood Book Festival, San Francisco, Book Fair & the Los Angeles Book Festivals, 2015.

Literary Classics honors A Story of Becoming with Gold for Visionary Picture Book, 2015

London Book Festival awards A Story of Becoming winner of the Children’s Division, 2015

Beverly Hills Book Awards announces A Story of Becoming winner, Spiritual Division, 2016

Indie Excellence Awards awards A Story of Becoming winner, Visionary Fiction Division, 2016

Nautilus Books awards A Story of Becoming gold for Middle Grades Fiction, 2016

Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, awards Sparkle & The Gift as best children’s fairytale, 2016

International Book Awards announces A Story Becoming as a Finalist, 2016

Reader’s Favorite, A Story of Becoming awarded Gold in Children’s Fable, 2016


Editor of a variety of publications in the USA and UK: 1980-2014.

Numerous Television & Radio shows: 2014-2016

Ayn Cates Sullivan Blog and Newsletter: 2014-2016

Number one best selling author on Amazon 2016


King Fisher Books, Assistant Editor, 1989

Lecturer at colleges and centers in UK, 1990

International Agent for Artists, London, 1992-1993

Experiential Workshop Leader in USA and Europe, 1993-2008

Healing Center of Santa Monica
co-owner, manager and workshop leader, 1995-1998

(Entheos) Awareness Essences, President, 1999-2011

The Colors of Consciousness Awareness Workshop Series, 2009

President of Infinite Light Publishing, 2012-2016