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“I got my copy of Heroines of Avalon and Other Tales and just opened it…What a gift, just holding the book in my hands made me cry. I felt a surge of energy reminding me that I am Divine. Ayn Cates Sullivan is one of the Masters and Teachers in life that I have had the good destiny to meet. Just that alone makes me cry tears of remembrance and gratitude that all is for me and not against me…”
— Cathy Singer Waechter
“Heroines of Avalon & Other Tales” is the next book in this series.It just received another excellent five star review.

Ayn Cates Sullivan, Author Spotlight
August 31, 2018 by Aimee Ann
Author Spotlight”Legends of the Grail: Stories of Irish Goddesses” is a collection of ancient Irish myths and legends told in the traditional way with a twist. Each Goddess, generally demonized or misunderstood, has the chance to retell her story in a way that liberates her from centuries of misunderstanding. Some of the stories date back 8,000 years or longer, and yet the wisdom is timeless. The stories begin in 1700BC as the ancient ones known as the Tuatha De Danann leave surface earth. In remembering the tales of our ancestors we are invited to embrace the depth and wisdom we need to navigate this current age. Each chapter is followed with a “Healing With the Goddess” section that contains practices, visualizations and blessings to help the reader get in touch with their own soulful qualities and capacities. These exercises can help us understand the age we live in.

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Once in a great while, a book of profound insight comes along disguised as a collection of stories about magic. Joseph Campbell penetrated the familiar great world myths to reveal an incredibly rich and complex psychological reality in the lives we live, and thus made magic itself live again with both urgency and relevance. In her beautifully written and illustrated book, Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses, Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D. brings similar urgency and relevance to the psychological reality behind the Goddess within each human psyche. Her book, however, is not simply an academic rendering of a living spiritual principle. Dr. Sullivan offers something much more subtle, rich, and ultimately satisfying. She offers her audience a viable passage into their own personal mythic journey, with the healing consequences thus implied.Legends of the Grail does indeed tell stories of Celtic goddesses, but Ayn Cates Sullivan also layers and enriches these stories of ancient Irish myths with vital background information robed with historical importance, with first-person stories told by each chosen Goddess to establish accessible resonance, with symbolic revelations for present-day applications, meditations, and visualizations allowing intimate contact with the Goddess herself. The author includes personal practical suggestions for utilizing the archetypal values embedded symbolically and firmly in the specified Goddess in order to facilitate psychological revival and continued health, and finally a poetic blessing to access the less structured but higher nature of the human mind. Dr. Sullivan accomplishes all this with concise and polished writing that appears deceptively simple, as all captivating stories do, but do not be misled – the Goddess calls.— Reviewed By Joel R. Dennstedt for Readers’ Favorite

“It is always intriguing to discover stories, legends, and myths from long ago that are still remembered today. In her book Legends of the Grail, author Ayn Cates Sullivan takes the reader on a journey of discovery, uncovering the fascinating details of some of Ireland’s most famous Goddesses. Throughout history, some of these legendary figures were seen in a negative light, making them appear cruel and unjust. However, the author has retold their stories in this book and the reader is given a different insight into the misunderstood myths surrounding these famous goddesses.

“Each chapter starts with an introduction to a particular goddess and then a story or legend that is associated with her. In an interesting twist, the author has chosen to tell each story from the point of view of the goddess, which is rare and allows the reader to really explore these legends in a new way. Many times these stories are told from the point of view of the human who saw a glimpse of light in the distance, or a shift in the shadows at night and claimed it was a goddess approaching. However, in this book the reader is able to open up a whole new world as these stories are told in a way that explains their supernatural occurrences while at the same time being easily relatable. In addition, each chapter contains information about what represents each goddess including colors, plants, and animals. This adds to the idea that each of these goddesses can be seen, felt, or heard anytime we happen to be walking through the woods or strolling by a bubbling stream.

“Some of the goddesses that were misunderstood include a solar goddess by the name of Aine, who in myths was shown to be a bad and disrespectful wife of King Ailill. However, when author Ayn Cates Sullivan shines some light on this particular myth she reveals that in fact Aine just held her freedom and independence above all else, which are admirable qualities. She uses this freedom and independence to be available when someone calls her that needs a light in their lives. After all she was a solar goddess and wanted to make sure she was there to help anyone who was in need of her help. Then there was the goddess Cailleach who would many times disguise herself as an old woman, or a terrible giantess who would throw boulders out of her apron pockets. In reality, she was adamant about protecting the land, animals, and plants, for she had a deep love of nature, and would only punish those who disrespected it.

“The way this book is written was unique and I actually found it quite wonderful to read. With each goddess having a specific chapter dedicated to her story, I was able to focus on each one individually, allowing me to learn more. I loved the way this author included the colors, plants, and animals that are representative of each goddess, for that brings the myth and the real world together beautifully. It is always amazing for me to read a book that stays with me long after I have finished reading it. That is exactly what happened with Legends of the Grail as I think back to it often while I am simply going about my everyday life.

Quill says: This is a book that stays with the reader, giving positive thoughts long after the last page is read.” by Kristi Benedict for Feathered Quill

“A unique, colorful take on Celtic myths, Legends of the Grail is a work of both self-exploration and religious discovery.

“Ayn Cates Sullivan’s Legends of the Grail is an in-depth, spiritual exploration of Celtic folklore and the impact that age- old stories have on modern women. Sullivan delves into the history of goddesses, what they stand for, and the people who worship them.

“A combination of short stories, spiritual reflections, and historical insight, the book weaves the world of Celtic mythology into the present day. Divided into seven sections, it is a powerhouse culmination of the stories of Danu, Ceasair, Áine, Scáthach, Emer, Caer Ibormeith, and Cailleach, Celtic goddesses with varying understandings of, and who give various advice related to, power and womanhood.

“Each section includes a journey through a goddess’s history, an intimate short story told through the eyes of the goddess, and a final reflection on how to travel with the goddess to discover her meaning and place within the real world.

“Sullivan, whose foreword reveals her desire to connect with her ancestral roots, delves deep into each of the goddesses’ stories and contexts. Details speak to careful research, and passages are laden with sympathetic emotion. Goddesses are humanized and come alive on the page.

“Writing is colorful and evocative, breathing life into the stories and their histories. Scenes are immersive, painting an exciting, spiritual world rife with insight and self-reflection.

“The book weaves historical beliefs and fantastical elements together, bringing forth questions of what constitutes truth and what constitutes fiction. It proposes journeys of healing and paints goddesses in terms of colors and blessings. These elements make space for spiritual epiphanies.
A unique, colorful take on Celtic myths, Legends of the Grail is a work of both self-exploration and religious discovery. It can be read for the inspiration of its strong feminist message or simply enjoyed for the thrills of its fantastical tales. ” — TIA SMITH

“The book is so wonderful. You are such a beautiful writer. I can really feel the Soul and so much light in your voice. I have already found so many little gems just reading through the first few pages… like dragons being symbols of the Goddess (they’ve been everywhere for me the last 2 years) and so much more.” — Kara Gilligan

‘Legend of the Grail, Stories of Celtic Goddesses’ is a deeply passionate and unique take on a collection of female spirited mythological tales. Ayn’s ability to evoke such vivid and beautiful imagery of these fascinating characters through the medium of the written word is utterly magical. It is a wild read, much like the Goddesses themselves.— Hannah May Hocking, Bristol, U.K.
“In today’s world of rapid spiritual transformation and evolution, the story of the Goddess can be an important guiding light. Stories have a way of invoking courage, compassion, love, and grace in us. In “Legend of the Grail,” Ayn Cates Sullivan masterfully tells mystical stories of ancient Irish Goddesses for the modern man and woman. This book is an inspiration to awaken one’s own light.”— Aparna Khanolkar, Author, “Nectar”
“A Story of Becoming touched me very deeply and brought me to tears. What an exquisite exquisite book. I needed it today this exact moment.”— Ele Keats, Hollywood CA

NewPinnacleAward-100Dear Ayn, Congratulations!Your book ‘Sparkle & The Gift’ has been chosen one of the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winners for Summer 2016.

Reviewed by Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers’ Favorite2016-goldUnseen, unaware, a seed lies deep within the soil. A Story of Becoming by Ayn Cates Sullivan PhD is a seed’s journey of self-discovery. The seed reaches toward the light and breaks the surface into a beautiful majestic world of wonder. Observing the world creates times of self reflection and transformation. As the seedling grows and matures, she becomes more in tune with her surroundings, finding harmony in nature. However, as she continues to develop, she questions her purpose in the meadow. Why was she created? What is she becoming? When the storms of life alter the world as she knows it, she gains further understanding of her future and destiny. Renewed, refreshed and full of life, she gives of herself generously, multiplying her goodness for generations to come.Ayn Cates Sullivan’s A Story of Becoming reveals the miracle of life. This allegorical narrative may be diminutive in pages, but it is extensive in meaning. Elements of truth buried beneath the surface of the narrative resemble the nutrients held within the soil that nourishes nature’s fauna. I read it several times, discovering hidden gems of understanding each time. Sullivan’s writing style is sensory, simplistic, and eloquently imaginative. Belle Crow DuCray’s artwork illustrates the story beautifully, bringing depth and animation to Sullivan’s words. The fantasy fable’s theme echoes the unique purpose of life. Its mood is magical; nuances of awe, child-like innocence, and the wonderment of creation meld together masterfully. Sullivan creates balance in the narrative by portraying the challenges of life with the fortitude to overcome by becoming who you are destined to be. A Story of Becoming will inspire both young and mature with its timeless message.
5star-shiny-web1Sparkle is a little girl whose real name is Sarah. She blossoms with light and color and loves the natural world around her. One rainy day, she’s feeling sad. When her mother, Alice, asks her why, Sparkle talks about being hue-man, a child of many hues (colors). She explains that everyone is and can be a color and it makes the world a more beautiful place. Her mother tells her the story of a fairy, Kachina, who, like Sparkle, loved the natural world around her. She took care of nature and was rewarded with nature’s bountiful colors and, yes, sparkles. She gifts a beautiful white rose to a sick woman which helps the woman blossom into the beautiful person she was meant to be. In return, the woman realizes that she must take care of her garden in a special way and be grateful for all its beauty and color.Humans were created to be caretakers of the world. Somewhere down the line, many humans have lost sight of this purpose and these humans have lost their color. Ayn Cates Sullivan’s colorfully illustrated children’s book, Sparkle and the Gift, serves to remind all of us, young and old, of our divine purpose in protecting nature, in taking care of our world. The story is written like a fable which, like all fables, has the purpose of teaching the reader valuable lessons. Using metaphors of color and light, the author develops a charming story about careful guardianship, the result being a well-kept, colorful, beautiful garden. A wonderful story.— Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorites

I received your lovely book, A Story of Becoming. Now I can see why the accolade response has been so potent. What a fun thing to do — making the world go round at higher and higher frequencies.

— Ann West

‘A Story of Becoming’ is a beautiful book for children of all ages. I have no children myself, nor want any, and thus I do not often enjoy children’s literature. So it means even more that I recommend it.This delightful book can be read on multiple levels, from a child’s eager exploration to an adult seeker’s return to childlike wonder. Its beautiful illustrations mirror the words, and the art and story together call one more fully into the journey.

At first glance, this is a playful book with a sweet, meaningful message, but, if one chooses to peer deeper, it is also an allegory that can draw one in to meditate on one’s spiritual path.

To those who wish, this book shows a glimpse of the process of creativity and self-realization. It invites one to explore the rhythms of one’s own deepening and unfolding development and to express the unique gift of his or her being.

‘A Story of Becoming’ sparkles with innocence and depth and offers its readers, young or old, and also as a family, a magical, profound insight that only such elegant simplicity can provide. This book inspires me and is a treasure for all to appreciate.

— David Hamilton Nichols, Author and Spiritual Teacher

WOO-HOO! DID MY FRIEND Ayn Cates Sullivan SCORE WITH HER WONDERFUL BOOK, A STORY OF BECOMING. She’s a #1 Amazon Bestseller in six categories. Her wonderful book is a kids’ book, and also an adults’ book, really a fable or growth story. She’s won I don’t know how many international awards with it. All I can say was that it moved me to tears several times when I read it. Recommended for everyone, especially those into personal grown and individuation. Read Ayn’s credentials. Wow.— Sandy Nathan

“The Story of Becoming is a beautiful and heartfelt expression of healing. From the gentleness of the deer to the destruction and rebirth of the magical tree, it follows the cycles of Nature many of us are begining once more to pay attention to in these times of transition. The graphite illustrations are a beautiful compliment to the images the words evolve in our minds. May each of us be just as compassionate and forgiving toward ourselves and others through our own rights of passage as we heal from old wounds and begin to recognize and share our gifts once more with the communities we are building.”

– Rx Love you Ladies!

Tori Spelling Note

A very sweet read! “A Story of Becoming” surrounds your heart and mind with the magic and intelligence of nature. It has the power to awaken young and old to a greater connected consciousness. And for those who already can hear the whispers of the elements and feel the shudders of the trees, reading this story feels as good as stepping into a natural hot spring with your favorite friends. The illustrations are so beautiful and immediately transport you to another world. A story to cozy-up with, and be reminded of the bigger picture all around us. Thank you for a delightful interlude Ayn Cates Sullivan.

– Spryte Loriano, Cuenca, Ecuador

“I really love your A Story of Becoming. It is so wonderful. I cried at the end. Ayn, you are a magical and gifted writer. You are blessed with such a wonderful, precious talent. This book should be Huge all over the world. It’s an absolute Gem. One of the best I have ever read. You are bringing the beauty and magic back to life. I love you.”

– Trudy Green, HK Management, Los Angeles, CA

My beautiful divine sister
Today with a sore throat and a sad heart ( it happens sometimes)
I took time Off for myself and read your book, A Story of Becoming.
Tears streamed down my cheeks and the sweetness and light of the golden apples brought a delicate sweetness into my heart
It is so beautiful
Beyond words
A rare gift if healing to the world
I love you deeply
Your sister– Shalini Bagdasarian

“Ayn has studied the Grail for a good portion of her life. Ayn is a great writer and is qualified to deliver the messages of the Grail. She is the right person to bring forth the important stories of the Grail. Her insights will include male and female perspectives concerning the Grail, which is extremely important and will be helpful for people to read at this time in human history. I see great things coming from these books–the kind of things that people need today. These books will be very interesting and will have a positive effect in people’s lives around the world.”

– Howard Wills, Princeville, HI

The first thought that comes to mind when I think of Ayn Cates Sullivan is “Thank God she’s here!”. Followed very quickly by “What on Earth would we do without her!”. And I mean that literally. Ayn’s consciousness is a treasure for this planet. Her wisdom and experience are simply indispensable. You see we need her. She is by far, in my opinion, one of the greatest Grail Keeper’s alive at this time. And that is not something that is to be taken lightly. It is of utmost importance that her message, her writings, the wisdom that she embodies, and holds for mankind, be expressed in a fashion that reaches the masses. For her stories, her understanding of who we are, where we have come from, and where we must go in order to truly find ourselves, to find our source, are essential for our own well being and evolution during these most crucial times. The Golden Age is upon us, but it is us who needs to create it through stories that light up human consciousness. Not only does Ayn hold a tremendous amount of light within her DNA and makeup, but she also has the credentials, the experience, the wisdom to be a messenger that the human population can respect. She knows the next step – redeeming the Goddess, finally unveiling her and restoring her to her rightful place as a necessary, powerful, and equal part of the divine equation. Reaching out to the children of our planet, re-directing their perception to one of love, compassion, understanding, joy, kindness, and to awaken the light that is within them from an earlier age. There is no one more capable, more willing, more qualified to do this than Ayn. She is an expert on the Grail, the Kabbalah, Enlightenment, Healing, Evolution, and the human condition, past, present, and future. All we need to do is let her lead the way and do what she came here to do – write to help awaken us all.

– Thank you, Jessie Lamando, Ojai, CA

I have had the fortune of knowing Ayn Cates Sullivan for over ten years, although the first time we met I felt I had known her for centuries and centuries. Ayn’s gift is her gift of “light”… her belief in our divine truths through “the magic and vast knowledge” she shares. By knowing and working with Ayn as her Interior Designer and the Illustrator of her profoud books..i have gown into the woman i once dreamed of. Words can not express my gratitude and love. She changed my life…or maybe i should say she continues to amaze me!

– Belle du Cray

“Ayn Cates Sullivan touches everything she does with Light and the creative magic so many long for. Her depth of study of life, color, the divine feminine, culture and literature, makes her a sage and mentor of many subjects. She weaves layers of transmissible ancient wisdom into all her stories and offerings and is a blessing to humanity.”

– Lucinda Rae Kinch, Ojai, CA

From the dark to the light with Ayn, a truly inspiring lady from the moment I was born, Ayn was in my life. She is this whirlwind of sheer energy, fun and unconditional love. Hours would go by in a blink of an eye talking with this incredible lady. You cannot help being mesmerized by her. In our family, we describe Ayn as the Crazy American. I call her my fairy godmother. You never know what is going to happen or where she’ll be but you can guarantee it will be fun, spiritually up lifting and fill you with hope, light and joy.The most resent time I spent with my fairy godmother was last summer. I got sick. Really sick. Emergency trips to the hospital, my heart stopping at one point, all the really scary things you never want to experience. The doctors had no idea what was happening to me. In a quite side room on a hospital ward, sobbing and scared, I messaged my fairy godmother. ‘I need help.’ Sometimes the hardest word to utter. Life had come crashing down around me. I had no idea who I was or what I should do anymore. I was totally and utterly lost. It was a very dark time.

Ayn was coming to England to settle her daughter into her new life in London. I knew that she was coming to see me. I was excited! Ayn would help me back on my path. Get me back in the light and banish the dark. She came with her daughter (who I refer to as my little sis) and a very tall stranger from Germany! (See you never know who or what will happen when Ayn is around!) I lay on my sofa in our new house.. The three them began to work on me. I had cut myself off from the light, from myself. I felt I could not be me any more. Too much pain had engulfed me. I had lost so much. Gently and lovingly the three of them worked on reconnecting me. Soon I was giggling with joy as the soft golden light fell on me like raindrops. Then the grey over cast clouds overhead parted to let streams of sunlight land right on me. “See, you are more powerful than you think.” Ayn said smiling down at me. When I felt like the world had given up on me, there was Ayn, shining bright and sharing her wisdom with me. There are no words to describe how grateful I am for her and the work she does, not just for me but the many others around the world. I feel proud and honored to know her and support her in her work. Although she may not be able to be physically by everyone’s side, her beautiful books can be. Each one like a little part of her ready to be shared in the beautiful light that is in each and every one of us. They are encouragement to throw open those curtains, let the light in and love life!

– Hannah Westworth, from Bristol, England

“A Story of Becoming” can either be a meaningful and transformational tale right in keeping with Harry Potter and such, or it may just be a beautiful, enriching story, good to read for adults and children. Either way, it leaves you wondering whether some of those aboriginal voices who claim that plants such as trees are not only sentient, they say they are even MORE conscious than animals. While that is something hard to believe, even though one of our own famous poets wrote “I wonder about the trees” and whether or not they would have as much to say if they could pull up roots and walk away from their self-imposed lack of forward movement.

Be that as it may, and whether apple trees can cause transforming fruit to grow or not (some people of shamanic wisdom say so indeed and point to peculiar practices to do so), any kind treatment of any plant is to be commended. I myself, via watching my mother minister to the smallest blossoms with utter care and always preserving them as best she could, have inherited the peculiar gratefulness of plants. I once had a cabbage tree from a dead-seeming stump of cabbage I found in the fridge drawer with little roots that had sprouted and so, in the tradition of my mother, I planted it outdoors, only to inherit several “heads of cabbage” on its multiple branches. And I have an apple tree I rescued from a nursery with all its “arms” broken off. “She” (her name is Anna, which was the grandmother of Jesus) gives us fruits twice a year, is so full of blossoms that I worry about her, and sends out more love vibrations than the pope on Sunday, as they say.

Do apple trees do what the author says they do? Go read and decide for yourself.

– Regina Jensen, “Space of Love” Magazine

“A Story of Becoming moved me deeply and took me on a quiet journey. I just loved it.”

– Ann Convery

For Immediate Release:

New Children’s Book Teaches Holistic Lessons of Self-Discovery

A Story of Becoming is a fable about a seed that over time becomes an apple tree and after a storm becomes a living miracle. The tale is a metaphor for our own process of self-discovery and reminds us that no matter what we have faced in life our essence is still whole and complete. Written by award-winning author Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D, A Story of Becoming is the third children’s book she has written in collaboration with illustrator Belle Crow DuCray. Her other two children’s books, Sparkle and the Gift and Sparkle and the Light have both won numerous awards including the gold medal at The Mom’s Choice Awards, and further accolades from The Los Angeles Book Festival and The London Book Festival.

Where Shel Silverstein’s classic The Giving Tree leaves critics and readers divided about the moral relationship of the boy and the tree, A Story of Becoming offers a more holistic approach. The story follows a seed which begins to sprout and becomes curious about who she is becoming. After overcoming a series of tribulations including being eaten by deer and struck by lightning, the sapling grows into a golden apple tree which bears its fruits of wisdom to a community of vibrant characters, whose enlightening relationships are carefully illustrated by Belle Crow Ducray. In the end, the golden apple tree becomes a symbol of love and hope for the community.

The book is already utilized by international recovery groups, including a rape crisis group that uses the book to teach women that they can recover and be living miracles, and a youth rehab in Vermont. A Story of Becoming truly is a fable for “children of all ages.”

“The message is that we are perfect and whole in our design,” says Sullivan. “Even though we might experience something that seems to break us, we can recover and even become a living miracle. What may at first seem like a great tragedy may in fact be an enormous blessing. We are the authors of our lives, so we are the ones who desire how we view situations.” Upon finishing this book we know that when we stay connected to our inner light miracles can and do happen.

The book launch for A Story of Becoming will be on January 24, 2015 at 4 pm at Granada Bookstore, 1224 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA. After the reading, the Infinite Light Publishing team will be answering questions that emerging authors and illustrators have about publishing and distributing their own books.

– Christopher Allen Caplan

“A Story of Becoming is an enlightening tale of self-discovery and realization brilliantly depicted through the life and lens of an apple seed as it journeys through the wondrous yet sometimes painful experience of existence. Woven in with the life lessons of strength, courage, hope, love, fear and loss is the essential message of transformation from the ordinary to the miraculous through trial and faith. It is a symbol for life itself in its most raw form. Coupled with soulful, hand drawn illustrations of great beauty and depth, it will captivate the heart and touch the soul of both children and adults alike. Making it a true treasure for every member of the family.”

– Jessie Lamando

I am so grateful to Ayn for her incredible journey into the Light, into the annihilation of the small self, and into cosmic consciousness. I am even more grateful that from this journey we can receive the blessings that are overflowing. These blessings and prayers are an absolute gift that help me easily, swiftly and so deeply reconnect to the Light within and help it to overflow. They are a cherished part of how I reconnect and strengthen my Light so that I can serve and make a greater contribution with my Life.

– C. Redmond

Hi Ayn!

I wanted to let you know that I read your beautifully written book that you generously gave to me earlier this week. WOW! What an incredible experience you had, so cathartic, to say the very least. I am inspired by what you wrote, your poems and your experience, it has given me a new perspective, which I didn’t know I needed, but I did!!!

With endless gratitude,

– Erika

A BEAUTIFUL NEW ENDORSEMENT FROM CIARA BRAVO: “Sparkle & The Light is a mystical book full of inspiration. Children of all ages in today’s world often suffer from unjust bullying by peers who have not been properly taught to respect others. Sparkle & The Light provide a resource for adults to share with children and guide them in how to respectfully and lovingly treat others. It is also a lesson in how a victim of bullying can be strong and teach others, regardless of our differences, how to live together in harmony. The words flow smoothly across the page joined by the vibrant illustrations that captures ones imagination. I found it to be a book that I will read again and again. It is a book that one day I will pass along to my children. “

“When we shine our light love heals all hearts. In Sparkle and the Light, Sparkle’s grandmother teaches us that when we open our inner faculties we illuminate the world with our light. In the story we are reminded that it is important to develop our unique gifts, and stand firm in who we are so that the shadows flee and we do not need to hide our light. In the story we discover that we do not need to shut our light off in order to conform, for we can be loved for who we are. This is a tale that helps us remember that we are all truly beings of light and that happiness is the key to opening to our own beautiful radiance.”

– Mirabai Devi,

“Ayn’s poetry truly touched my soul. “The poems are incredibly beautiful. I was so moved by them. As a horse owner and happily married mother of two, I could relate to all of your work. What an amazing blessing it was to read these.”

– Pamela Guerrieri

“Thank you for your wonderful gift!  Sparkle is magnificent.  I just read the entire book and truly loved the precious stories.  You have found a delightful way of offering a reminder to young and old alike to remember the light. With deep love and appreciation.”

– Kim Exxon, owner of The Well in Ojai

“We amply enjoyed your poetry and read it cover to cover. The Windhorse reminds us of the works of Rumi, which we love. We feel you are very talented and we look forward to more books from you.”

– Mr & Mrs Saeed Koreie

“My grandchildren AND their grandparents love this book. A story for children of all ages, Ayn will weave her words of love into your heart and that sparkling power of life will be realized to be your own. A spiritual education for everyone.”

– Mark Whitwell, author The Promise of Love, Sex, and Intimacy (Atria)

“Ayn is one of the most majestically magical people on the planet. Sparkle and the Light is not simply a book she authored, it is a revelation of the truth she has spent a lifetime uncovering, presented to us in a way that is positively exciting and enlightening.”

– Ben Rolnik, The Seer Series

“Sparkle & The Light is a work of art, love and wisdom. I believe that it will be remembered by you and your children as a family treasure. This is an enlightened way to teach all children of the world love, respect and health. Sparkle and her experiences of life also helps us understand how to deal in an uplifting way with our own difficulties. I can’t wait for the next book to come out!”

– Marcela Benson,Love, Peace & Vegetables Blog

“My granddaughter and I have had so much fun reading Sparkle & The Gift. This is the first time that we have used a continual reading book. It is quite a long book, so we read it in stages. Zooey and I look forward each night to finding out what is going to happen next to Sparkle and the fairy Kachina.”

– Carol Farrar, Hair Design

“You are the Casteneda for kids of all ages and stages! You have conjured up a beautiful book.”

– Dr Julian Lange, OMD, L.Ac., author of ‘How to Boost your Health Esteem’, by Making Conscious Choices

“This book is for every magical child who ever felt different or misunderstood. Take your time and allow the combined treasure of Ayn’s words and Belle’s illustrations to sink like deep balm into your heart and soul… for profound healingg. A gift for that precious being within each of us.”

– Dr Susan Lange, OMD, L.Ac., creator of ‘Small Beginnings: From Mindset to BodySet aand the P.L.A.Y. Formula’ from her ‘Core Light Technology Program.’

“Ayn Cates Sullivan weaves a spell-binding tale of etheric,otherworldly perception into the story of a gifted young girl who is bullied at school and misunderstood by her parents. Especially compelling is the unapologetic way Cates Sullivan reveals how gifted children, who can see energy and light, live in a vastly more colorful and peaceful world. Visionary and triumphant, ‘Sparkle and the Light’ is a gift for all ages, and all time.”

– Ann Convery, author, “Star Spells” and “The Eldercare Handbook”

“Sparkle and the Light helps me reconnect to my own inner sparkle. A true gift and great reminder.”

– Heather Sturgess

“Ayn Cates Sullivan is blessed with talent both as an artist and as a inspired writer. From her deep spiritual center, she has a rare gift to engage the imagination of children which has been so well received in her first book for children. In today’s profane, rushed and technical world, it is not often that children have the opportunity to become inspired and taught in such a loving, imaginative and inspirational realm as Sparkle’s teaching. Ayn’s contribution to children’s growth and goodness is profound.”Ayn’s ability to weave such a positive and inspiring story, as told by Sparkle, is a rare opportunity for children to learn, enjoy and explore the rich world of a child’s imagination. This age needs more of this kind of nourishing experience to inspire children. Ayn has given us precisely that.”

– Michael Schantz, Vice President of US Bank

“Sparkle’s journey emerges like the flowers of Spring, her beautiful spirit honors creation as she grows in consciousness and awareness of who she is. It’s a wonderful reminder for the awakened parents as well…to support their children coming into the world like those beautiful flowers we all love so much!…”

-Bruce L. Erickson, Mother Earth Media