Praise “Sparkle & The Light”

Praise for “Sparkle & The Light”

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A BEAUTIFUL NEW ENDORSEMENT FROM CIARA BRAVO: “Sparkle & The Light is a mystical book full of inspiration. Children of all ages in today’s world often suffer from unjust bullying by peers who have not been properly taught to respect others. Sparkle & The Light provide a resource for adults to share with children and guide them in how to respectfully and lovingly treat others. It is also a lesson in how a victim of bullying can be strong and teach others, regardless of our differences, how to live together in harmony. The words flow smoothly across the page joined by the vibrant illustrations that captures ones imagination. I found it to be a book that I will read again and again. It is a book that one day I will pass along to my children. ”

“If you Sparkle your mind with what’s in these pages you will gain a giant smile in your life.”

– Howard Wills, Higher Consciousness Inc

"Ayn Cates Sullivan weaves a spell-binding tale of etheric,otherworldly perception into the story of a gifted young girl who is bullied at school and misunderstood by her parents. Especially compelling is the unapologetic way Cates Sullivan reveals how gifted children, who can see energy and light, live in a vastly more colorful and peaceful world. Visionary and triumphant, ‘Sparkle and the Light’ is a gift for all ages, and all time."

– Ann Convery, author, ‘Star Spells’ and ‘The Eldercare Handbook"

"Sparkle & The Light is a work of art, love and wisdom. I believe that it will be remembered by you and your children as a family treasure. This is an enlightened way to teach all children of the world love, respect and health. Sparkle and her experiences of life also helps us understand how to deal in an uplifting way with our own difficulties. I can’t wait for the next book to come out!"

– Marcela Benson,
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"This book is for every magical child who ever felt different or misunderstood. Take your time and allow the combined treasure of Ayn’s words and Belle’s illustrations to sink like deep balm into your heart and soul… for profound healing. A gift for that precious being within each of us."

– Dr Susan Lange, OMD, L.Ac., creator of ‘Small Beginnings: From Mindset to BodySet aand the P.L.A.Y. Formul’ from the r’Core Light Technology Program.’

"Ayn is one of the most majestically magical people on the planet. Sparkle and the Light is not simply a book she authored, it is a revelation of the truth she has spent a lifetime uncovering, presented to us in a way that is positively exciting and enlightening."

– Ben Rolnik, The Seer Series

"Sparkle and the Light helps me reconnect to my own inner sparkle. A true gift and great reminder."

– Heather Sturgess

"My grandchildren AND their grandparents love this book. A story for children of all ages, Ayn will weave her words of love into your heart and that sparkling power of life will be realized to be your own. A spiritual education for everyone."

– Mark Whitwell, author of The Promise

"When we shine our light love heals all hearts. In Sparkle and the Light, Sparkle’s grandmother teaches us that when we open our inner faculties we illuminate the world with our light. In the story we are reminded that it is important to develop our unique gifts, and stand firm in who we are so that the shadows flee and we do not need to hide our light. In the story we discover that we do not need to shut our light off in order to conform, for we can be loved for who we are. This is a tale that helps us remember that we are all truly beings of light and that happiness is the key to opening to our own beautiful radiance."

– Mirabai Devi,,

"Ayn Cates Sullivan is blessed with talent both as an artist and as a inspired writer. From her deep spiritual center, she has a rare gift to engage the imagination of children which has been so well received in her first book for children. In today’s profane, rushed and technical world, it is not often that children have the opportunity to become inspired and taught in such a loving, imaginative and inspirational realm as Sparkle’s teaching. Ayn’s contribution to children’s growth and goodness is profound. Ayn’s ability to weave such a positive and inspiring story, as told by Sparkle, is a rare opportunity for children to learn, enjoy and explore the rich world of a child’s imagination. This age needs more of this kind of nourishing experience to inspire children. Ayn has given us precisely that."

– Michael Schantz, Vice President of US Bank

"Sparkle’s journey emerges like the flowers of Spring, her beautiful spirit honors creation as she grows in consciousness and awareness of who she is. It’s a wonderful reminder for the awakened parents as well…to support their children coming into the world like those beautiful flowers we all love so much!…"

-Bruce L. Erickson, Mother Earth Media
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"I have observed over the years the miracle and power of the relationship between Ayn and John Patrick. They embraced the true meaning of the wisdom: ‘In the union of opposites we know the source of opposites.’ The union of opposites is ‘God’s method on Earth’ and this is how we know God. They have healed in their own case all the negativity and denial that mankind has created of male female union (otherwise known as ‘sex’!). Ayn and John Patrick have brought dignity and graciousness to their union as an utterly life positive celebration. They have done this for themselves and for all future generations. They have even healed for the past generations who are now gratefully cheering them on. Thank you Ayn AND John Patrick. Again, Hallelujah!"

– Mark Whitwell, author of ‘The Promise