Praise ‘Legends of the Grail’

Praise for ‘Legends of the Grail’

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Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses has won the London Book Festival and the Florida Book Festival.

5star-shiny-web1Once in a great while, a book of profound insight comes along disguised as a collection of stories about magic. Joseph Campbell penetrated the familiar great world myths to reveal an incredibly rich and complex psychological reality in the lives we live, and thus made magic itself live again with both urgency and relevance. In her beautifully written and illustrated book, Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses, Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D. brings similar urgency and relevance to the psychological reality behind the Goddess within each human psyche. Her book, however, is not simply an academic rendering of a living spiritual principle. Dr. Sullivan offers something much more subtle, rich, and ultimately satisfying. She offers her audience a viable passage into their own personal mythic journey, with the healing consequences thus implied. 

Legends of the Grail does indeed tell stories of Celtic goddesses, but Ayn Cates Sullivan also layers and enriches these stories of ancient Irish myths with vital background information robed with historical importance, with first-person stories told by each chosen Goddess to establish accessible resonance, with symbolic revelations for present-day applications, meditations, and visualizations allowing intimate contact with the Goddess herself. The author includes personal practical suggestions for utilizing the archetypal values embedded symbolically and firmly in the specified Goddess in order to facilitate psychological revival and continued health, and finally a poetic blessing to access the less structured but higher nature of the human mind. Dr. Sullivan accomplishes all this with concise and polished writing that appears deceptively simple, as all captivating stories do, but do not be misled – the Goddess calls.

— Reviewed By Joel R. Dennstedt for Readers’ Favorite (5 stars)

5star-shiny-web1Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses by Ayn Cates Sullivan, PhD showcases the heritage of Irish culture and wisdom, and a growing interest in Irish folklore and the ‘Celtic Revival’ in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The book sheds light on these sacred women who are often seen in relation to their male counterparts. Each of the goddesses depicted in the book speaks for herself and readers are encouraged to experience them. The author takes readers into the ancient world where they get to know more about colors and the plants and trees associated with particular goddesses, and about objects which are part of their legends. This book on Irish myths celebrates women and their divine nature, which will inspire women and men alike and will encourage readers to discover the Goddess within them. 

I like the way the author motivates readers to take an inner journey so that they can discover themselves, to make them more acquainted with their souls. The spiritual undertones and whimsical vibes in the book will take readers to another dimension, another realm. I like the thought of inviting readers to engage in practices and visualizations designed to awaken the Goddess within each person. As readers enjoy the Irish mythology and folklore, they will be able to understand the Celtic Goddesses, their powers, and wisdom. These healing stories take readers on a quest to discover their true nature and find their way to truth, love, health, and wisdom. The glossary at the end of the book is helpful.

— Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite (5 Stars)

Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses by Ayn Cates Sullivan is an educational book about the different Celtic goddesses and their backgrounds, and details their various symbols and worship practices. The book also endeavors to dispel any misconceptions regarding these goddesses in general, and shows just one of the ways in which these goddesses connect with many other world religions. The book is divided into sections, each of which contains a unique goddess that Sullivan explores. From the compassion of the Mother Goddess herself, to the fierceness of Ceasair, to even the independence of Aine, these goddesses have proven time and time again their place in the world, taking their place as one of the old religions, just before Christianity. With encouraging words and a love for nature, Sullivan delves into these goddesses’ characteristics and backgrounds, all the while gently nudging the reader to have a greater respect for them. 

The marriage between paganism and Christianity is certainly a unique one. Many modern traditions we celebrate as Christians had pagan roots, though some people may think otherwise. Even so, while I do identify as a Christian, I found this book impeccably beautiful, not only because of the gorgeous retelling, but also because of the exquisite imagery Sullivan uses when describing them. When I read this book, I felt as if I was walking through a dark, yet soothing forest, gazing out at the seasons around me, with time slipping away beneath my fingertips. I loved this book, and would recommend it to any reader who is curious about Celtic culture, regardless of their religion.

— Reviewed By Robin Goodfellow for Readers’ Favorite

5 stars | Absolutely splendid and magical

“Ayn Cates Sullivan has done it again… this time most masterfully than ever. I am a fan of her illustrated books for children and adults. This time though, she has exceeded my expectations. This book is alive, I felt the energies of the Celtic legends starting to breath within my being as soon as was holding it. Beautifully written, I felt the Goddesses enliven the fullness of forgotten aspects of my being.

“So touching…. to bring back the memories of the power of love and creation held by womanhood. I loved how she described the colors related to each Deity, and how each color combination carries specific qualities. I like to play and receive the blessings of the world of colors. I also enjoyed the visualization, practice and blessings offered in each chapter… to go deeper in the integration of the Goddesses aspects within me. I actually started to read it again, as soon as I finished it! It never happened before in my life, but this book won my heart, I can’t part with it. I like to keep Danu, Aine,Caer and her beloved Angus close to me. I love to read just before I go to sleep and I keep the book under the pillow at night, so they can fly in my dreams…. I am grateful indeed I found this wonderful masterpiece.”

— Elisabetta Remes on September 13, 2017

5 stars | Walk between worlds with Ayn Cates Sullivan! Let her …

“Walk between worlds with Ayn Cates Sullivan! Let her unveil the light of Ireland’s goddesses that time has misconstrued. She has given a voice to those who have been muted by the mundane, and so graciously invited us to explore their beauty, while simultaneously helping us to discover our own.”

— Lisa O on September 13, 2017

5 stars | Such an incredible compilations of stories that will surely be …

“Such an incredible compilations of stories that will surely be a classic read for generations. These archetypes are something we can all relate to, and which are so needed for healing the past. Grab your cup of tea and get ready for divine feminine empowerment in the most wondrous and mysterious of ways.”

— Lucinda Rae on September 13, 2017

5 stars | Magic, spirituality and wisdom

“With ‘Legends of the Grail’ Ayn Cates Sullivan brings to life the magical tales and rich heritage of Irish spirituality and wisdom. These stories brought me on a journey of discovery and re-connection with the legends and the mystical dimension in which they connect with, relate to and touch all men and women regardless of heritage and beliefs, with the sacred tales of our past that enrich our present. Thank you for making this so accessible.”

—By Mr M C Baumann on September 13, 2017

“Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses. A beautifully written book bringing to life a vast collection of Irish myths and legends presented in a fresh, positive, and delightful way. This is a great contribution on the author’s part to keep these ancient myths and legends alive so they may live again and again in the heart, mind, and soul of the (new) generations for eons to come.“A five star rating!


—Ramiro Mendes
Musician | Author | Artist | Humanitarian
Co-Author of SOUND –The Fabric of Soul, Consciousness, Reality, and the Cosmos

“Beautiful and compelling, these richly storied portals and pathways to important human truths transcend time via interwoven Celtic wisdoms. With the immediacy of humanity, the stories, the cadence, mysterious names, rich and lightly-touched images bring archetypal feminine mysteries freshly to life. Ayn Cates Sullivan’s scholarship reads and feels like a fresh walk after spring rains, transporting readers to times and ways of perceiving that feel secret, timeless and true.”

—Nusa Maal, MA

Center for Multisensory Leadership, Learning & Life

“Ayn Cates Sullivan’s “Legends of the Grail” is a thrilling leap from the revered legacy of Joseph Campbell. These stories of Celtic mythology return The Goddess to her rightful place in history through exhaustive research into the ancient goddesses of Ireland. Each historical tale inspires, teaches, and leads us to a magical world and includes unique healing rituals and blessings that reconnected us to the eternal divine feminine. When women read this they will understand themselves for the first time; when men read this book they will awaken to the exquisite power of women.”

—Susan Allan CEO The Marriage Forum, Inc.

“If ever someone had found and resurrected the missing half of the Bible, it would be Ayn Cates Sullivan. Let your entire soul exhale at the sheer relief of receiving the long lost (and long repressed) heritage of the Goddess. Let these pages massage your soul, and let these enchanted legends sooth you back to wholeness.”Legends of the Grail is a legacy of light that human soul is desperately thirsty for. No more shall our profound wholeness be denied. Let the enchanted Goddess rise again within us to restore ourselves and the planet.

“Thank you Ayn for bringing back that which was nearly lost. Thank you, for all of us.”

— Christina Sophia Stellarum
MDiv. Harvard University

“With a title like Legends of the Grail who can refuse? The title alone conjures in my imagination the great stuff legends are made of, adventure, love, and, of course, a quest. This quest is one of rediscovering the grail, the holy chalice, the female. In Legends of the Grail, the author, Ayn Cates Sullivan, takes her reader into the world before convention, before organized religion, even before time itself. Ayn shares her stories with us which are imbued with rich tales and deep wisdom. Page after page there is something of value and something to reflect on. As a woman, through these stories, the author helps me feel a bit more rooted and complete. Lost have the stories of the female been, often times overshadowed by stories of the man, until now. Thank you Ayn for bringing back some of our stories in such a soulful, insightful and respectful way. Reading these stories is like reading a part of my history I never knew. These stories allow me to experience the power, strength, and magnificence we all are inside.”

— Jennifer Chapman Sendzimir, Teacher, Tennesse, USA

“Extraordinary! A tapestry of the writer’s gold is woven with legend, mystery, poem, prayer, history and myth! What Irish Goddesses of the far distance past can bring forth to this age is wisdom that is much needed for these times we’re in, the sacredness of nature and our communion with all life. We need to bring the honoring of the Goddess and the feminine insight into life itself. Legends of the Grail is a treasure to be savored as a sacred trust from ancient times to be shared with us now!”

— Bruce L. Erickson, Teacher, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

“Reading Legends of the Grail is like being taken by the hand and shown stories. The book is delightful and beautifully illustrated, reminding us of the mothering and nurturing that we seem to be losing. The stories invite us to remember the gentleness, love, and also the strength that women have needed throughout history. There is a twist with the Goddess herself telling the story, which gives old tales new life. It’s a book to remind us to be human Beings rather than human doings. A wonderful book; inspiring, captivating and beautifully written.”
— Patsy Westworth, Nurse, Devon, UK

‘Legend of the Grail, Stories of Celtic Goddesses’ is a deeply passionate and unique take on a collection of female spirited mythological tales. Ayn’s ability to evoke such vivid and beautiful imagery of these fascinating characters through the medium of the written word is utterly magical. It is a wild read, much like the Goddesses themselves.

— Hannah May Hocking,
Bristol, U.K.

“In today’s world of rapid spiritual transformation and evolution, the story of the Goddess can be an important guiding light. Stories have a way of invoking courage, compassion, love, and grace in us. In “Legend of the Grail,” Ayn Cates Sullivan masterfully tells mystical stories of ancient Irish Goddesses for the modern man and woman. This book is an inspiration to awaken one’s own light.”

— Aparna Khanolkar
Author, “Nectar”