Praise for Eala: The Mother Swan

Praise for Eala: The Mother Swan


Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

In the empowering picture book Eala, a bullied boy learns that magic lives in each human being.
In Ayn Cates Sullivan’s bilingual picture book Eala, a magical swan helps a boy to learn the truth about who he is.

Hugo’s grandmother told him stories of Eala, a magical white swan who could teach him much. But Hugo is bullied by his brothers for his belief in magic until he doesn’t know what to think anymore. He just knows that he is different.

Hugo goes to the river while he’s crying. There, swans gather just before their flight among the stars. Eala is moved by Hugo’s tears, and takes him to recover the pieces of his soul that were lost when life was hard and others were unkind.

Turning black to blend with the night sky, Eala tells him to remember the ancient magic. Hugo promises to do so, after which the book nods to the constellation Cygnus (the Swan) as a reminder of people’s inner magic.

The book tackles childhood differences in a tactful manner. In its sensitive story, the contrast between Hugo’s mocking, rock-throwing brothers and the gentle, supportive love he receives from his grandmother, who understands his belief in magic, is strong. With support, Hugo comes to see that he is part of a beautiful universe, and that life itself is magical.

The book’s English and Spanish paragraphs appear on the same page, making it easy for speakers of one language to pick up vocabulary in the other. The text is accessible and consistent in its reading level in both languages. Its descriptions are often poetic: “Mother Swan flapped her great wings and they flew between the crack of night and day.”

Small graphics enliven the pages of text. The book’s colorful artwork has a childlike style, but still portrays the grandeur of the universe well. The smiles on the faces of the sun and moon make the cosmos seem to be a welcoming place, and Hugo’s excitement and joy at realizing that he is part of the majesty he sees around him is palpable. The font is both elegant and easy to read.

In the empowering picture book Eala, a bullied boy learns that magic lives in each human being.

— Reviewed by Kristine Morris, April 29, 2021


“Eala: The Mother Swan / La Madre Cisne is a beautifully lyrical story. Ayn Cates Sullivan has written a magical folktale-like story. Nature is so inspiring and healing and it is easy to imagine at the beginning and end of the day that there is a moment where we can slip into another world. What is so lovely about this book is that Hugo finds a way to heal himself as he journeys with Eala, the Mother Swan. Paige Ozma Ashmore has created some beautiful soft pastel illustrations that enhance the gentleness of the story. Parents and grandparents will enjoy sharing this lovely bedtime tale with their young ones. It will send them off to dream about their own magical night-time adventures.”

— Kristine Zimmerman for Readers’ Favorite – 5 star review 


“The story is about magic, love and what you can become in hard times.”

— Azadeah Rose, age 8


” …el niño encontró pedazos de su alma que había perdido y los invitó a regresar a su corazón.” Esta historia nos recuerda el poder de conectar con el alma y actualizarla…recordarle nuestro poder, que es el suyo también. Eala, es una hermosa historia que en palabras sencillas te recuerda el poder de creer en la magia para transformar tu vida.”

— Angela Maria Saldarriaga, High Frequency Healing podcast


“Eala, this Mother Swan, takes you to a new awakening of the spirit of a young boy into the wonder and majesty of what is to become his life.  The grace of this mystical swan reminds us that nature is indeed our teacher and within its wonders holds the understanding of the Universe in which we live…..enjoy!”

— Bruce L Erickson, MotherEarth Media


“Reading this book is like receiving a comforting hug from a friend. A beautifully written and illustrated story of inner wholeness for all the children and adults who like to travel between the worlds. A jewel to keep at home and return to it time and time again for its wisdom.”

— Iva Kenaz, author of The Goddess Within


“Ayn’s stories introduce us to the nurturing energy of trees, the music of the stars, swans that give us wings to soar beyond the ‘sharp stones that hurt.’ Her books help us all to connect with the natural world so that, as Eala the mother swan teaches, we can rediscover our inner song, and the ancient magic that allows us to remember what it was like to feel fully alive and part of all that exists.”

— Linda Foster, choreographer and dancer


“I sing to my children everyday in school. This fairy tale really resonates with me.”

— Jennifer Chapman, Waldorf Teacher


Eala: Mother Swan is another beautiful book written by Ayn Cates Sullivan which uplifts the Heart and Soul, reminding us that our uniqueness is a Gift. Her pen of ‘Golden Light’ bridges stories which help people of all ages (both child and inner child) to connect deeply into the Magick of who they are, and to soar beyond the stars…for in that, it brings to everyone a more Loving and Joyful sense of Self.”

— Leslie Sloane, Creator of the Auracle Healing Cards