Peridot: The Beloved


Peridot is the color of the leaves of the Willow Tree that knows that its strength is in its ability to be flexible. It bends in storms and does not break, but rises up again when the sun returns. An awakened person is able to release the structures that propped him up like training wheels, for eventually they become unnecessary hindrances to direct connection. He or she becomes able to move freely and spontaneously without the need for external organizations. In an aware state we understand that the body/mind complex, all of our thoughts and stories, are simply illusions and we let them all go. There is no path, no goal, for everything reveals itself in each moment and at the appropriate time. At a certain point our inner luminosity becomes so strong that our heart simply must flower and we are free to live from a place of personal essence. In Peridot we become free to move into tender and authentic intimacy.

The Beloved may take the form of a lover, or may be an intense love that arises from within. As embodiments of the Beloved, we can live wildly spontaneous lives and fill all of creation with our love. In many ancient cultures people knew to rise at dawn and celebrate the ascent of the sun, for there exists within us a sun or core star that also celebrates life in each moment. Eventually we realize that we are a molecule of God, yet all of us simultaneously exist as one enormous cosmic consciousness.

Inquiry for Peridot: Sense the luminous center of your heart. Can you feel both the longing for relationship and the need for autonomy? What would happen if you did lose yourself in another? Do you have the courage to live from your heart spontaneously and wildly? Could you love someone all the way to God?



Dear Infinite One
Please Send Me My Beloved
So That I May Delight
With My Sacred Other
Please Hold Us In Grace
And Compassionate Wisdom
Thank You