Orange & Delight in Life


As the soul relaxes into the delight of her own unfoldment, she may begin to share more of her secrets with us. The orange essence is that of pleasure and desire. When we long for something we begin to co-create with life to bring it into manifestation. Orange is a wonderful life affirming color and we are on this earth to enjoy our bodies, our connections and this physical realm. We all want to be intimate and sing, dance, paint and fully enjoy life.  It takes sensitivity and attunement, but we can love one another!

Our emotional body is linked with the color orange. We want to laugh, to make love, procreate, garden, cook, dance, play, entertain others, and fully experience life. The urge for life is delightful and also tends to be messy. We are also here to evolve and so we encounter feelings and situations to challenge us. One word spoken without thought can send us spiraling into pain and have countless consequences until we can learn to respond instead of react. As the orange petal opens our feminine wisdom helps us speak and respond with greater sensitivity and care.

Orange is a color that wraps around us like a Chalice helping contain us while we tend our hearts and bodies. We are faced with so much in this world: betrayals, sexual misconduct, domination, victimization, and the general human drama, as well as all of the wonders and beauty of this world. We forget that most of what we perceive isn’t even real, because our reactions are colored by our beliefs. It is challenging to be completely objective, especially when our emotions are involved. That’s why people can witness an event and their stories will vary so widely. We see the world through the lenses of our own perception. When we are in reactivity we need to take time for ourselves, have the courage to feel our pain and come to terms with what has taken place and later we can respond with wisdom. Orange is the petal that holds and cares for us like children.

When we are truly merged with the Divine Light we are delicious, lively and dynamic. We can experience ourselves as one wave, as part of all of existence. As we separate out back into our particular self, the orange essence of our soul melts the suffering of the personality and gives us the courage to continue to relate. Part of the gift of having a partner is that they can show us the places in ourselves that are still unresolved and hold space for our deepening inquiry. What a gift to be reminded of our blind spots, for then we can evolve so much more rapidly. The orange petal can eventually reveal to us the secret of becoming fragrances together and sharing one wave of love.

Orange is the color of ecstasy, of feeling deeply what it is to experience pleasure with another, and with God. Some people prefer the transcendent path of celibacy and others choose the embodied path of union. Both are equally valid according to each other’s soul agreements. It is important to know that we are intimately intertwined with God. In the words of Cynthia Bourgeault, “Seek thy self in Me, seek Me in thyself.” And let’s add: “Seek Me in one another.”

Our partners and lovers touch us deeply on so many levels and activate growth and awareness. They bump up against us polishing us until there is nothing to rub against but essence itself. It is in that precious moment that we can experience the delicious unity wave where the two become one whole moving through time and dimension together.


Ask yourself if you can surrender to the intelligence that is pouring through you.

Feel what it is like to liberate yourself from all stories and suffering and simply delight in being in your body on earth.

How are your relationships supportive of your ongoing awakening?

What is an expression of creativity that you enjoy and delight in?

Inquire into the possibilities of a couple becoming a unified field, one wave in the sea of consciousness.

Orange Prayer