Olive & Self-Empowerment


Give an olive branch to those who hold peace dear.

During different periods in history the olive branch had a stronger association with peace than the image of the dove. When the enlightenment drive is awakened within us, we realize that in order to establish peace and harmony the mind needs to work in service to the heart. The olive is the place where we can bridge the mind and the heart. It supports us in making decisions that serve the highest good of all.

All thought, word and deed influence our consciousness. Sometimes seemingly harmless activities test our self-knowledge and self-control. Olive helps us connect with the part of ourselves that is both creative and intuitive. Often as the olive petal opens within us we feel very feminine, for it acts as a bridge between rationality and compassion.

Olive helps us integrate and become clear about the decisions we need to make in the world. Sometimes it means saying no to a particular activity or being more discerning about friends who are in our inner circle. When the mind is working in service of the heart, we simply know where we are meant to be and what situations are not optimal for us. It is a wonderful color for decision making, and a protection against becoming lost in the forest. With olive we can see the forest through the trees.

Olive is the essence that supports us in the restoration of peace on earth. It is the combination of yellow and green, so contains both curiosity and compassion. When we listen to others with empathy we can be in tune and responsive to their needs. If war is failed diplomacy, then peace is successful mediation. The olive essence is about peacekeeping. True negotiation requires turning our full focus towards situations that need to be resolved. The dove with the olive branch first appeared in the biblical story of Noah’s Ark and was a symbol for the continuation of life on earth.

Olive is also symbolic of the harmony of the soul. With the olive essence we realize we can be fully present whether we are in conflict or are experiencing freedom from strife, for our true nature is neutral and always wanting what is best. We can be curious about what is arising, feel compassion for others and be willing to learn and grow. When we find resolution within our selves, then peace on earth is restored. We can view olive as a type of spiritual cease-fire in which space is made for the truth to reveal itself. It is the love of the truth that keeps us firmly on our path and out of harms way. The truth leads, guides and protects us.


What are you learning from the visible and invisible worlds?

Share an experience you had with an animal or aspect of nature that seemed extraordinary in some way.

What does it feel like to live an empowered life?

Are you in touch with a feminine aspect of your soul? If so, share the qualities and feelings that are arising within you.

Olive Prayer