“This exuberant fantasy calls on readers
to conceive of a loving, balanced world.”

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Heart & Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers,
with your host, Paulette Rees-Denis,
and today with guest, award-winning author, podcast host (Wisdom of the Ages), and President of Infinite Light Publishing,
Ayn Cates Sullivan

Kathleen Kaiser interviewing Ayn Cates Sullivan about her books.“Talking Book Publishing with Ayn Cates Sullivan”

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In the 1970s, Artemis Journal published my first poem. I believe it was called “Dusk in a Familiar Meadow.” I was so excited to be recognized as a writer. I was raised by a feminist and was very influenced by her friends, including Jeri Rogers. I thought it was quite wonderful – and pretty normal – for women to share their creative expression with the world. The archetype of the independent Goddess Artemis has been with me for many moons. I really enjoyed this interview about my work with founder of the wonderful Artemis Journal. Each year they select fine literary works by women and men.Listen and enjoy: Please listen and enjoy.

ARTEMIS SPEAKS – Listen to our latest podcast featuring Award-winning, best-selling mystical author Ayn Cates Sullivan.
Dr. Sullivan focuses on mythology, folklore and envisioning a new humanity. Her books include an award-winning children’s series including Sparkle & the Gift, Sparkle & the Light and the Sparkle Fairy Tales: Kachina’s Rose, Ella’s Magic and Undina’s Spell. Her best-selling fable, A Story of Becoming, won 18 literary awards. Her books on Celtic mythology include Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses and Heroines of Avalon & Other Tales. Her debut novel, Nimue: Finding Merlin, is scheduled to launch in 2021.


Cinnamon Moon interviews Ayn Cates Sullivan for two hours on blog talk radio about her Legends of the Grail series.Listen in at Talk Blog Radio

Justin Recla interviewing Ayn Cates Sullivan about Infinite Light Publishing & Media, LLC


Ayn Cates Sullivan. International Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Seminar Leader

Total Prestige Magazine

Interview with Chris Burns

I loved being on Neva Recla’s show!

This is a seriously fun interview. It’s for children of all ages who know they have super powers. Ella’s Magic is the book inside Sparkle & The Light, told by Sparkle’s grandmother:

SLSP: The Divine Feminine in Celtic Mythology  


How can the way the divine feminine shows up in Celtic mythology inform our lives today? What are the aspects of the goddess that were cast aside that are in deep need of reclamation today and how do we do that? In this episode, SLSP host Tatiana Berindei and renowned author Ayn Cates Sullivan explore the forgotten sacred realms of the goddess and some simple and life-affirming ways to call them back. Tune in to this episode for fantastic stories that bring to life the importance of reclaiming what was abandoned and how to do just that.

2008-v1-150xHeroines of Avalon was chosen to be on the cover of Publisher’s Weekly.View Cover
Debbie DiPetro Blog Interview about the creation of the Legends of the Grail Series.
ir-award-winnerBlog interview with IRDA:Heroines of Avalon – chosen as the top fiction award with Indie Reader Discovery Award.
ducksSuperpower up! Join an in-depth discussion about folklore, heroines, goddesses and the rising feminine consciousness. “My superpowers come through when I call the swan, and so we’re going to just shift for a moment into this realm of the imaginal to start here straight away.” – Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D.
Interview with Host Mike Sedam.Podbean | iTunes | Spreaker | Spotify | Stitcher
Listen to Positive Head Podcast with author Ayn Cates Sullivan and host Brandon Beachum Positive Head Podcast
source-radioWOCA The Source Radio – live streamed AM Ocala – host Larry Whitler “If you listen with the ears of a poet then the stars and moon sing.” – Ayn Celtic Myth & Legend, also the Sparkle series for Children – listen to “A Story of Becoming” – the story of an apple tree…
The Doctor Pat Show – host Dr Pat interviewing author Ayn Cates Sullivan.transformation-talk-radio

Leading with Love On-Demand Replay: Ayn Cates Sullivan ~ Heroines of Avalon and other magical women of the British Isles and Ireland.

Listen in to this week’s Leading with Love as Dr. Ayn Cates Sullivan talks about her latest book, Heroines of Avalon & Other Tales the second in her Legends of the Grail series. Dr. Sullivan has won over 30 literary awards for the many books she’s written, including the bestseller, A Story of Becoming. In this chat, she brings to life the heroines and goddesses of ancient times and shares why their stories are important now. 1. Powerful stories of heroines of the British Isles and Celtic goddesses. 2. What the Holy Grail REALLY is. 3. Dr. Sullivan’s mystical experience of awakening to the Holy Grail. 4. The difference between a hero’s journey and a heroine’s. 5. Why ancient myths and legends relate to what’s going on in our world now. You can catch the on-demand replay by clicking here. terri-britt

This fun and lively interview with author Ayn Cates Sullivan and host Dominique Brightmon on the Going North Podcast is live on 10 sites: going-northDropBox | LibSyn (Podcast Website) | | iTunes | SoundCloud | Stitcher | YouTube | Player FM | Google Play | TuneIn | Spotify | PodBay | CastBox |  Listen Notes | PodChaser
THE NATURAL HEALING SHOW – Join medical intuitive healer Catherine Carrigan and author Ayn Cates Sullivan for an uplifting discussion about each one of us can heal ourselves and this planet.carrigan
Explore Mystic Connections on Blogtalk Radio. Adrianna interviews Ayn Cates Sullivan, with surprising psychic readings during the show!!!adrianna
Listen to a wild and free spirited interview on the Truth Seekah with host Derek Grosskurth.power-of-myth
“Inspiration for Women Today” – Tekneshia interviewing Ayn Cates Sullivan on Bright Side Blog Talk Radio.
Episode 60 – No Labels, No Limits podcast – exploring the Heroines’s Quest with Sarah Boxx and folklore author Ayn Cates Sullivan.

Dr Pat interviewing Ayn Cates Sullivan about the powerful archetypes in Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses


The Celtic tradition is full of seers and wise women. This link takes the listener to Adrianna’s show where we take our white feathers and ride between worlds assisting those in need.
Brandon Beachum interviewing Ayn Cates Sullivan on The Positive Head Podcast. Other Locations: Positive Head Podcast Page | iTunes | Spotify | Soundcloud | YouTube | Google Play
Ayn’s interview with Jason on the Spiritual Handyman Show – Myth & Magic
Listen-Live-LinkAyn Cates Sullivan with Richard Dugan: Tell Me Your Story – Celtic Myth & Legend 190505 Ayn Cates Sullivan – Celtic Stories The Radio Show page
The Grail in the past and Heroines of today. An interview with Dr Monique Chapman and Dr Ayn Cates Sullivan talking about the tales of Celtic Goddesses and why they matter.

Richard Dugan interviewing Ayn Cates Sullivan about Celtic Goddesses and travels through Ireland. We encounter the tale of Goddess/Saint Brigit and the light of Kildare, along with other wild and magical tales…


Ayn on an iCreate Daily interview with practical tips on successful independent publishing. “You achieve your wholeness when you ask the right questions!” – Ayn Cates Sullivan Listen to the show
Ayn Cates Sullivan is chosen for the Book Excellence Award Author Showcase.
DONNA SEEBO SHOW – Delphi International – Program archive 1077 Listen to the show
Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Author’s Corner/Dr. Ayn Cates Sullivan/Politics/Podcasts/Freedomizer Radio BTRListen at
KJAG Radio interview “Ayn Cates Sullivan’s Independent Publishing Success”Listen at
Ayn discussing the colors of the soul and the New Renaissance of Light with Eleyne-Mari. Listen to Ayn.
Ayn Cates Sullivan Grail Legend: A Quest To Discover & Awaken the Qualities of Our Soul Listen to Ayn:
Rose Colombo Interviews Ayn Cates Sullivan about A Story of Becoming This talk is about overcoming challenges and embracing miracles. A Story of Becoming is an award winning book for all ages and very fun to speak about. Lively Rose Colombo is truly a fabulous host. Enjoy the interview

Live reading of A Story of Becoming” at Granada Bookstore in Santa Barbara. Jan 24, 2015


Susan Allan on the Living The Divine Feminine Series. Evolution Revolution with Ayn Cates Sullivan, Cristina Huntly and Susan Allan on the Living The Divine Feminine series. We introduce our first four heroines and goddesses: Cessair, Dindraine, Danu and Aine. Watch the Video!
Ayn interviewed by James Lowe KJAG radio out of Kansas Listen…
“Three Days In The Light” featured in April/May 2014 edition (pg13) of Whole Life Magazine ‘Blessings for our lives’ they are intended to be a ‘transmission of light, a reminder that we are eternal beings having a brief adventure here on earth.’ Use as meditation mantras or simply enjoy the pleasure of her words.” eBook is now available on Amazon and taking pre-orders for the limited first edition.
Santa Barbara News-Press – April 2, 2014 Keep the Light On Ojai author advises children to shake off the words of bullies. Read more… 
Listen to Ayn on KJAG Radio on February, 11, 2014 Listen…
Invocation for World PeaceDuring this time of increased light on the planet we need practices that protect us and anchor us in loving awareness. When used correctly, prayer and ritual can melt our suffering, increase consciousness and invite in bliss. The Archangels wish to guard and protect us. Read more…
Article by Ayn at ‘’ Honoring Japan and Asia Through Poetry Read more…
Listen to Ayn on ‘’ Understanding the Language of Colors with Author Ayn Cates Sullivan Listen…
10 Compassionate Tips on Bullying From Children’s Book Author Ayn Cates Sullivan. By Christopher Caplan, RYOT NewsRead more…
My brilliant friend Elaine Wilkes PhD just compiled a helpful book entitled “101 Awesome Things to Do for Someone who is Sick.” I am a contributing author, telling the story of sitting with my father during a miraculous recovery.
Overcoming Bullying Bullying has become a serious problem in our culture. This is my article with guidelines for overcoming bullying with self-love. Read the Article
Spontaneous recording of my poem “My Best Friend” by Hawaii’s by composer and singer Norman Ka’awa Soloman. Listen Now
Transformation Talk with Ayn Cates Sullivan Watch the Video
Ayn on The Maria Sanchez Show Listen to her now
Light Worker’s World featured my latest article on illuminated parenting. Read more…
Ayn Cates Sullivan Encourages Young Readers to Remember Their Sparkle By Casandra Armour Click Here
Ayn Demonstrates Using Color as a Way to Tune into the Message of Our Soul on the Lindsay Marino Radio Show Listen Now
Sparkle Interview with Hollywood Magazine Click here to read the article
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