May I Play Again

by AynCates on January 9, 2013

in Poetry

May I Play Again

I wish to free all that waits within me to be born.
May my limitations be washed away
By a silent river.
May I play again
As a child in the ebbing and flowing
Currents of existence.
I open my mouth to sing,
Yet feel ashamed for an instant.
Who am I to have such a great longing?
Please forgive me
But I wish to write this opera.
I want to know my own life
And how to move with it.
I yearn to know God’s immensity
And how to mirror it
Without shattering.
I sense that where I am closed and tight
I am yet untrue.
I want to unfurl
So that no blossom within me
Is fruitless or withered
And no song is left unsung.
–Ayn Cates Sullivan
**This poem is sung by Maria Cristina on the “Cosmic Dancer” album soon to be released by Infinite Light Publishing Audio.

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