Magenta & Divine Mother

A Realized Soul’s Presence can easily melt our ice-like egos and create a wonderful flow of love and compassion. –Ammachi
Magenta is the color in the color wheel that joins red to violet. People who are drawn to magenta tend to be artistic and very creative. It is the color that reminds us that every single detail matters, for when we tend each aspect of our lives then the larger plan can unfold.

Magenta helps us clear away the inner and outer cobwebs and clutter, so that the light can come in. When we are feeling sad, it is time to clean things up and build our own personal citadel. If the economy is troubling us, then we need to look at our magenta bank account, which is based on good deeds. It is worthwhile to work towards a debt-free sustainable existence, for then we can begin to build a solid foundation for our lives. Yet the real success comes not from the outer world, but when we find peace within ourselves. That is when we will find peace with our culture and all the beings within in. The real work takes place within our own consciousness. When we become liberated from the structures of the limited false self we then become free to simply create from the place of our True Nature. What a delight to know that life is perfect exactly as it is, and so are you.

Like Divine Mother, nature wants to give and be of service to humans. In order to remember how to be caretakers of this beautiful world we must wake up and be aware that each child matters, so does each butterfly and blade of grass. Every meal, movement, kind word, thought or purchase we make has an impact on our environment. When we close our eyes in meditation we realize that nature is making love around us all the time. We are involved in an amazing dance of life. Magenta invites us to enter fully into that great song and fully live our realization.

The saint Karunamayi lived in the jungle for many years with birds flocking to her and tigers curled up at her feet. The animals knew that she was an embodiment of divine mother and responded to her light and kindness. Nature knows where we are on our path to remembering. Upon meeting her, I was touched by her genuine caring for the children of the earth for she is a pure embodiment of the Divine Mother.

Magenta is also called the healer. All the medicine we ever need may be found on our fertile earth and within our own hearts and souls.
Nature wants to thrive. Magenta helps us unleash our blueprint and live as essential beings. When we reside in spirit we naturally attune with a world that is flourishing. In Magenta we get to live triumphant, fulfilled and complete lives. We are designed to flourish and fulfill our destinies.

Magenta brings spirit into matter and is the color to use when life feels too heavy or our responsibilities seem overwhelming for it uplifts us. The color helps dissolve our burdens, for spirit’s wings are always with us. We just need to remember to ask for assistance. We can face anything in the present moment, it is only the future that tends to frighten us. Our inner guidance reminds us stay with the potentiality of the present. Each day we decide if we want to continue to be married, to stay in our jobs, or make new choices. We are creator beings and we can create what we want in our lives; we can write our inner narrative however we choose. The sun rises each morning and the possibilities are always new.

MAGENTA INQUIRIES: Share the ways you are living your realization. Can you sense the perfection of Life? How is the Infinite Light moving through you? Take a moment and sense into the delight and potency inherent in this moment. Describe what you feel.

FURTHER SELF-INQUIRY: Explore the details of your life. You may choose to review your bank accounts, balance your checkbooks and take a look at your overall financial foundation. Our survival drive needs to be taken care of if we wish to delve into the world of spirit unencumbered. Feel what it is like to simply stay curious about your finances.


Beloved Creator
I Love You
And Creatures Of All Shapes And Sizes
May I Remember To Love The Small Things
The Tiny Grasses
The Details Of The Flowers
The Smiles On Children’s Lips
And Observe That The Whole World
Is Supported In Its Unfolding