Lilac & Grace

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console, not so much to be understood as to understand, not so much to be loved, as to love; for it is in giving that we receive, it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, it is in dying that we awake to eternal life.
– St. Francis Of Assisi

As the lilac petal opens within our soul we find that there are helping spirits all around us. The color soothes us as we make our various transitions in life and out of life. Lilac helps us stay attuned so that the changes we may be experiencing do not make us anxious or frightened, but instead fill us with ever increasing curiosity. Lilac can open as a rose offering its perfume. It is a color that attracts grace.

At times we becomes so entangled in our everyday affairs that we forget to tune in to the still voice within. It is important at least once a day to give thanks to our creator. Our struggles and tears are the same that are shared by all of humanity. The stories need not be mentioned because our hearts know them already. Lilac reminds us to close our eyes and turn within for a few moments of silence.

In the silence we may find that we are renewed. When the mind calms and we listen to the spaces between stars and galaxies we begin to attune to the comic pulse of the universe. Like Saint Francis, we might find that there is more spaciousness within ourselves and we have more room to console others, to understand, pardon and to love.

Lilac is the color to turn to when we are making a major life transition and also when leaving the body. It helps us take ourselves more lightly and know that there is an intelligence with us that always cares for us in form and beyond form. Perhaps the boyfriend who just left made room for a wonderful new husband; or the fire or eviction notice makes us move on to find a marvelous new place to live that is more suited to our lifestyle. Lilac reminds us that all shift and change is about perspective, and it is best to simply trust that whatever we are experiencing is for our highest good.

As we work with the lilac petal we may begin to sense that we can peer beyond the veil of life and death and continue to relate with those who have passed on before us. They are still living and having their adventures in other space and time continuums. With lilac the ability to continue relating with friends and ancestors on the other side shifts from a thought to an inner knowing that makes us unshakable. Love is eternal.

LILAC INQUIRIES: Share an experience of grace. What is shifting and changing in your life? Do you still feel a connection with your ancestors who have gone before you? What do you feel about life after death?

LILAC MEDITATION: Set a timer for fifteen minutes and simply sit in silence. If thoughts arise simply do not put your focus on them so that they come and go like the wind. Notice the stillness that is beyond the thoughts.

Lilac Prayer
Oh Infinite Light
The Veils Between Worlds Are Thin
Moving Between Them
I Find Myself With Angels
That Kindness Be With All The Beings
Coming To This Earth
Peace Be With Those Who Are Departing
And Making Their Way
Back To The Source Of All Life
I Stand At The Threshold
Grateful For My Days Here
For The Vast Intelligence That Guides
And Encourages Us To Blossom
Like Lotus Flowers
With One Thousand Petals