Legends of the Grail FANS

Legends of the Grail FANS

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“An outstanding and beautifully illustrated study.”– Dr Leonee Ormond,
Professor of Literature, Kings College London, England.

“A powerful transmission of the feminine voices of my homeland. Love it! May it find its home in the hands of all seeking magical reconnection to self, the goddess and the land.”– Mara Luasa,
Celtic Heart Healing, Connemara, Ireland

“Ayn Cates Sullivan writes these stories with an ease that encourages the reader to find one’s inner strength, to bare witness to one’s own life and lay claim to one’s path.”– Suzanna Crampton,
SEWFI, Kilkenny, Ireland

“Ayn Cates Sullivan is masterful in weaving stories that heal as you read them, and this book is no exception. What I hope you take away from the Legends of the Grail, are the personal awakenings of the Goddesses and Heroines who are telling their renewed stories through Ayn in these pages.”– Dr Susan Lange, OMD, L.Ac.,
Santa Monica, CA, USA

“In today’s world of rapid spiritual transformation and evolution, the story of the Goddess can be an important guiding light. Stories have a way of invoking courage, compassion, love, and grace in us. In Legend of the Grail, Ayn Cates Sullivan masterfully tells mystical stories of ancient Irish Goddesses for the modern man and woman. This book is an inspiration to awaken one’s own light.”— Aparna Khanolkar,
Author of “Nectar,” Michigan, USA