“Legends of the Grail”

Legends of the Grail


When a woman discovers the Goddess within her own nature, she becomes whole. She becomes an embodiment of the Grail, the vessel in which the divine light can dwell. This is also true for men. They also become much more attractive to women. Legends of the Grail is a collection of ancient Irish myths, and the missing or untold stories of Goddesses told in first person. I begin the book by thanking my husband John Patrick Sullivan, who not only encouraged me to find my inner Goddess, but who found and integrated his own divine feminine. So this is not just a book for women, but a book for all people seeking love and wholeness.

It has literally taken decades to bring volume one of Legends of the Grail to the world. I collected the myths and legends in Ireland while obtaining my doctorate from 1985-1993. I literally walked to the areas where the stories were told and felt them etched in the land. If you listen carefully with the ears of your heart, the Earth speaks. Myths and legends are etched into the landscape.

A few years ago, dreams visited me in which Celtic mythological figures came to me and spoke. They were insistent that we remember the true essence of the feminine, for in doing so we heal and the Earth thrives. I recorded the stories they shared in dreams, meditations and deep contemplation. One of the stories is eight thousand years old, yet each Goddess in the book was demonized in some way. When each Goddess re-tells her story, she frees herself of centuries of misunderstanding.

In the book I also offer practices that can allow us to untangle and free ourselves of stories that no longer serve us. We have the opportunity to align with the Grail, a symbol of our wholeness, our personal essence. The Goddesses remind us that we have an unquenchable fire inside.

Legends of the Grail is ready for pre-purchase and will launch in September 2017. Contact Infinite Light Publishing for pre-purchase orders: www.infinitelightpublishing.com