Kings and Heroes

Legends of the Grail, Kings and Heroes

“Once there was a boy who could not remember who he was, but he was very lucky. The Great Swan heard him and invited to take him flying between the stars, so he could remember his True Nature. All night they flew… gathering the gemstones and diamonds of his soul. In the morning when the sun rose, the Great Swan slipped back between the worlds. When the boy stepped back onto the shore, he brought his dream gifts with him, and from that point on he knew how to live in a world in which all sentient beings thrive…” – from Kings & Heroes…


Legends of the Grail, Kings and Heroes is the third in a series of books on Celtic Mythology by Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D. The earlier books in the series focus on Celtic Goddesses and heroines. This book is an exploration of what it takes to be a true man. Although most of the men in the stories are warriors, they are also lovers. They are interested in what it takes to be a true and honorable leader. These tales will inspire both men and woman to lead with charisma, honesty, loyalty and true strength.