Kachina’s Rose

Kachina’s Rose

Within each book in the Sparkle series is a fairy tale told by a relative, which now make up the Sparkle Fairy Tale Collection.

Kachina’s Rose is a 32 page and 1,000 word industry standard children’s book (ages 4-8) with a magical tale sure to delight children of all ages.

This book can be read along with Sparkle & The Gift, which is a much longer continual reader. All six of the Sparkle books an be collected for a wonderful fairy tale experience.

Kachina’s Rose Summary:

Have you ever listened closely to the song that lives in your heart? Fairies know the healing sounds that help us thrive. In this Sparkle Fairy Tale, Kachina comes out of the forest and finds the human world to be very strange. In order to help bring life back into harmony, the fairy co-creates a magical healing rose. A gardener sees the rose and takes it to his wife—with surprising results.

Kachina’s Rose is now available.

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