IndigoIndigo: SOUL

Colour can only be studied properly by taking into
account the realm of the soul. –Rudolf Steiner


As we begin to explore the realm of Indigo we are required to step into a great mystery, which is well known by our soul. First of all let’s define what I mean by soul and spirit. The soul is our field of awareness, while spirit is the creative force that is most commonly referred to as God. The soul is the medium by which we perceive all things including spirit. We are spirit; we are soul; we are human beings. In indigo we begin to perceive who we are, we become clear enough to see, hear and feel beyond the veil of this reality. In our quest to know who we are we may discover emptiness, which may paradoxically open the door to everything.


 Indigo is also the color in which we must develop discriminating awareness. We need to avoid substances and spiritual frauds. We do not want to get lost on our journey, but instead always know that what we seek is already within us. Our intuition coupled with our conscience always leads us to greater truth. The color indigo strengthens our intuition.


As the indigo petal of our soul opens our inner sight can become activated. When this happens we have the opportunity to see with One eye, thus ending our dualistic perspective of the world. The spiritual eye understands that there is a purpose for all things. It sees the bigger picture. We have free will and can choose at any moment to align with the will of creation. As our luminosity becomes stronger, the Light eventually becomes our main station. At that point we become an embodied beacon of light for the world.


People who are very drawn to the color Indigo tend to be the souls who have agreed to be creative innovators. They are often gifted clairvoyants and psychics who have been given the task of bringing down the old structures that no longer serve us and then create new formations that are more modern and aligned with the current era. They are sometimes viewed as rebels, because they long to break free of any structures that no longer serve them. The indigo color is excellent to use when developing clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. It is a color that is cherished by healers, mediums and many creative out-of-the-box people who love their freedom yet can use the positive support and love of soul and spirit. Often the veil between the worlds is thin for Indigos. Never forget that you are loved beyond belief!


 In Hinduism, it is said that the one God who never fell from grace was the cosmic dancer Nataraj. The purpose of his dance was to awaken and activate all of the chakra stations and to release humankind from the snare of illusion. As he danced he touched his chest to remind us that the heart is already Self-Realized. Nataraj expressed the activity and harmony of life as well as the necessity for both destruction and creation in order for life to continue. He is usually depicted with many arms and legs symbolizing his ability to perform multiple tasks at once. His movement expresses the endless cycles of life, death and rebirth. His dance of bliss represents victory over illusion and death.
The false cannot withstand inquiry and eventually falls away. The ancient Greeks, as well as philosophers of all ages, loved the ten thousand year old technique of Self-Inquiry. In inquiry we ask ourselves questions, come to know our soul and perceive who we truly are. Self-inquiry calms us, melts illusions and always leads us home to our true nature.


INDIGO SELF-INQUIRY: Take a moment to listen to the movement of the cosmos. Are you moving in rhythm an inner music? What happens when this thought comes into your awareness? Listen to the birds, feel the light on the Sun on your body and sense how the universe wants to move through and enliven you. You might just taste Samadhi now. Can you see life as though from a single eye?

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