Green & Love


I come to know myself through you.

The essence of green brings in the quality of compassion. Like a chalice with an overflowing fountain, when our hearts are open we have the capacity to share love with another. Green contains the wishing, wanting and curiosity inherent in the yellow with the peaceful guidance of the blue. There is also a natural capacity for forgiveness in green. We remember that our authentic nature is that of love and we realize that we wish to share love with others. Peridot (light green) offers us the experience of the beloved and in green we want the experience of relatedness to fully flower. The yellow focus of “I Am” becomes “We Are” in green, and so we seek to master the art of relationship. We want to connect with humans in deep and meaningful ways and we look for associations that support our mutual blossoming.

In green we learn to make space for one another so we may all thrive and grow. We begin to attune to the world of nature. We become more sensitive and feel more deeply. We realize that our feelings can guide us into greater levels of awareness. We desire to communicate and gently interact with animals. Green carries the qualities of honor and respect. We want to experience mutual understanding within our own kind and as well as with other species. We may even develop enough sensitivity to interact with the elements, hear messages from trees or nature spirits. In green we do not find the neediness or codependency issues that can sometimes arise in orange, although we do need to witness any tendency towards jealousy or wanting to be in another’s space, or the need to escape. In green we find the independence of yellow with the expansive quality of blue. We are curious about our selves and others. When we develop a deep and mutually respectful inquiry practice with another we find that there are many dimensions and lots of fascinating unchartered territory within each of us. This makes relationship eternally delightful, for we don’t know what treasure might reveal itself next. Green supports sensitivity and mutual blossoming. It also invites us to become curious about our divine self. In green the “I” becomes “We”. Ego and Essence begin to merge and we begin the next phase of the journey towards the embrace of the Infinite Self.

We begin to perceive and trust the natural order and flow of the cycles of life: birth, childhood, adolescence, maturation, elder years and transition.
Nature is a beautiful gateway to our soul.
Being in relationship with others makes the life journey more delightful and fulfilling. It feels good share love.
Compassion invites in goodness.
We realize that intimate others, lovers, partners, family, pets and close friends are here to help us awaken. They are us.
An open heart creates a neutral space so that the truth may reveal itself and set us free.

Metamorphosis happens when we least expect it. Our feelings can be sensitively attuned and support our natural inner guidance.

We are attracted to each other because we are learning similar life lessons. People that we are drawn into relationships with (whether or not we want to admit it) are at our current level of consciousness. When we drop criticism, blame and judgment and instead accept others for who they are in this moment then we have the possibility of entering into mutually loving and supportive relationships. We are all doing our best.
Sometimes nothing is more important than a friend who will simply listen to us, offer some empathy and spend time with us. Animals who want to connect with us make wonderful companions and have much to teach us about the attuned language of the heart. A walk in nature can also restore us and bring us the wisdom we are seeking. A person living green wisdom reminds us that it is wise to support all human beings in actualizing and living their full potential.

1) In a fifteen minute monologue share your current understanding and experience of intimate relationship.
2) How is your relationship with your Infinite Self?
3) Is there any place in your life where you need to make an amends or do forgiveness work so that you can return to peace?
4) How does it feel to live with an open heart?


Infinite One
Please help me awaken to love.
As my heart opens with compassion
I realize that I need nothing.
I am complete as I am.
Yet I would like to share my heart
With someone special
So we may know each other more fully.
Please help us overflow with your nectar
So that in our melting
We know ourselves as one.