Gold, Prosperity, and Brilliance


This is so overwhelming,
this is so beautiful,
my being may burst into seed
and become a field of golden poppies
just so my Lord
may walk in my gentleness.


As the gold essence opens up within us like a petal of the soul we may feel a pleasant feeling of warmth, as though a light is shining from within. Sometimes it reveals itself as a steady pulse in the forehead, an internal guidance and personal brilliancy.
There is a divine template around each of us that can be seen blazing like a radiant sun. It becomes more accessible once our distortions have dissolved and there is less attachment to the body-mind complex. It reveals itself when we are ready to see our own divine nature. True leaders and teachers have Golden auras. They lead because they have touched and become an embodied source of wisdom that leads, guides and protects.


Money is a difficult subject for many people. Yet it is an excellent place to inquire into as we work with the gold essence for prosperity consciousness is linked to our personal brilliancy. Money can be a great friend, but it was simply never meant to be our only focus. With inquiry, our thoughts are always on God (however we currently understand the Divine Light for our relationship with Source is always evolving) and our practice is the love of the truth. Notice that we are linking prosperity, our personal brilliancy and the divine. We may want to explore these connections more deeply so that we can become increasingly creative conduits and channels living our full expression. Inquiry helps us relax and open to our golden brilliancy, and as we learn to trust it, this internal presence can set us free.


As we awaken to the truth of Being we find that we naturally wish to share with others. There is an impulse within us that simply wants to unfold into our heart’s desire, not as a doing but as a flowering of our soul. Instead of operating out of the survival drive we shift towards living our mission. Money is neutral and can be assigned any energy by us. As we become conscious co-creators we find we can use it for good or ill, and so become interested in what is good and noble. With the opening of our golden brilliancy we may be wise enough to assign money the energy of love and use it as a support for our journey. We may also wish to engage in economic practices that are supportive of the earth and all the life forms upon it.

Let’s choose to assign money with the highest value possible, that of love. Let’s love one another, share our currencies and help the entire world blossom in doing so.


We can open up and receive the abundance that has been assigned to us so that prosperity can come along like a current to support us in our mission. We are here to evolve and grow consciously. We need a certain amount of prosperity in order to thrive in this world. After our needs have been met, what we need changes. When we shift our focus to our inner gold we may discover even greater mysteries.


As we explore the golden petal we may begin to have a sense of a larger expanded Eternal Self, the part of us that moves from lifetime to lifetime without changing. It may arise in the form of a steady pulse in the brow, or a luminous glow. We may feel our personality melting into a warm sun and then feel the relaxation and expansion as we encounter what it is like to be Infinite. We may wish to merge with the Divine Light and know ourselves as part of all that is.
Are you aware of the Eternal Self?
What does the Infinite Self feel like?
How do you experience your brilliancy?
What are your feelings about money?
Tell me what it would be like to live out your heart’s desire.