From the Heart

From the Heart


“Maria Cristina’s latest album, From The Heart, is now available for purchase. The lyrics were co-created by Ayn Cates Sullivan and Maria Cristina. Maria’s angelic voice uplifts the spirit and inspires hope.

The first songs in From The Heart were created one afternoon in Ojai, California, a place known to inspire artists. Maria Cristina picked up Ayn Cates Sullivan’s books of prayers and poetry Three Days In The Light and The Windhorse and spontaneously began singing them while she played the piano. It was as though an angel had come into the living room. We all clapped and demanded that she record a CD!”


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Listen to #2 Track – Love Song

Listen to #3 Track – Lets Play Again

Listen to #4 Track – My Closest Friend


I have been knocking on all the doors
In the village looking for you
And have been exploring all the stars in heaven
Calling your name
I wish to be a torchbearer for your infinite flame.
Please expose me to your inner sun
So that I may be illuminated by you;
Fill me with your grace
So that I may be a light upon this world.
I am a flute ready to be played by you.
Please use me
In your next love song.Written by Ayn Cates Sullivan, co-lyricist Maria Cristina, published in The Windhorse: Poems of Illumination 2012 composed and sung by Maria Cristina, From the Heart Album 2014