Fire Orange

Fire Orange & Intimacy

Fire Orange

We all long for intimacy. Perhaps more than anything else in the world we desire to love and be loved. There is much distortion around intimacy in our culture, and yet when we are with our beloved nothing can be more fulfilling. When fire orange arises in our soul it can ignite our passion for one another.

Intimacy can be experienced many ways. When we look at nature we see that all of life lives harmoniously together. We can practice the art of intimacy by simply breathing and becoming more receptive to life. As more space is created within us the more room we have for all of life.

Fire orange can be very creative, bringing us new projects, new gardens, we may even choose to consciously attract in a soul that may come in the form of a child to bless our family. The more awareness we have around all of our actions the more fully we can experience the deep pleasures of life.

When two equal partners come together it becomes possible to fully awaken with our beloved. We can look into the eyes of the other and see our divinity reflected there. Open, loving and spacious lovers can support each other in discovering increased joy. In fire orange we can experience the delicious feeling of pleasure, which supports satisfying and loving relationships. We may even taste one song of union, one moving unity wave.

Is pleasure a quality that you are familiar with?
How do you feel about intimacy?
What do you long for in connection?
How is the intelligence of life animating you now?

Fire Orange Prayer