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Evolution Revolution & Susan Allan
With Ayn Cates Sullivan
Episode: The Joy Of Story Telling
(Sparkle & The Gift and other stories)
Script for live recording: September 4, 2012

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SUSAN ALLAN: I am so thrilled to introduce all of you to my friend Ayn Cates Sullivan who is truly an inspiration; not only because of her extraordinary books but also because her life is that transformation from the challenges of human experience to bliss.

AYN: Thank you for having me on the show!

SUSAN: Why do you think JOY is an important quality to share?

AYN: When we are positive in what we think, say and do we attract positive things into our lives. When we are joyous we attract sweet, happy people. We even attract more prosperity because people want to spend time with us. Doesn’t that sound like a great idea?

SUSAN: Sounds fabulous to me. Are these the first books you have written and published?

AYN: Sparkle And The Gift is my sixth published book, but my first children’s book.

SUSAN: Tell us about your joyful children’s book, Sparkle & The Gift.

AYN: I wrote the story as a holiday gift for my children a few years ago. When my daughter went off to college she demanded that I make books for her to take with her so she would not forget who she is and so she would have something to share with her friends. Now there are many Sparkle fans living in college dorms in Colorado.

SUSAN: So, you are the author. Who did the colorful and imaginative illustrations?

AYN: A talented designer and illustrator living in Santa Barbara, Belle Crow duCray She is a very talented illustrator and I feel she has captured Sparkle perfectly. She has really brought the story to life by making the vision real for the readers.

SUSAN: Could you give us a brief synopsis of the story?

AYN: Sparkle is an uplifting story about a young girl who refuses to forget who she is, a being of Light. In refusing to allow her light to be diminished, Sparkle’s mother Alice also remembers that she is a HUE-man, a color and light being. Together they decide to share the hues of the rainbow with others, so that everyone has the opportunity to remember who they are. Then Alice decides to tell Sparkle a story about a fairy named Kachina.

SUSAN: So there is a story within a story and an essential message for all of us?

AYN: Yes. Kachina is a joyous nature spirit who decides to visit the world of humans. Once she arrives in the town (there is a colorful picture of Kachina dropping fairy dust over the magical Ojai, CA) she realizes she needs to remind human beings how to attune with the natural world. Kachina helps call into being a special rose for a woman who is ill. She takes a deep breath of the perfume of this magical rose and it has very spectacular results. You’ll have to read the book to find out exactly what happens!

SUSAN: (Laughing) Sparkle And The Gift is so inspiring because it returns us to who we are, is this why you wrote the book?

AYN: Yes, I wanted to create a beautiful treasure that would light up everyone’s heart and the hearts of all the children in the world.

SUSAN: Why should parents buy this book for their children?

AYN: All young children relate to Sparkle—because none of them want to forget the loving and joyous essence of who they are!

SUSAN: What is the most important gift we can give our children?

AYN: To be totally present with them, and by that I mean taking time to talk with our children, read with them and spend time in the natural world. Let’s have fun with our children, write, draw and use our imaginations. Gardening with children, as the little fairy Kachina will point out, helps everyone thrive.

SUSAN: What age group is Sparkle appropriate for?

AYN: Children of all ages. Sparkle And The Gift is universal. Age, gender, religious or spiritual beliefs don’t apply to Sparkle. We can all remember to have hope, share joy and to love one another. It makes the world a better and happier place.

SUSAN: Is Sparkle & The Gift a good book for children who are having a tough time with life?

AYN: This is a beautiful book for children or adults who are having a tough time. I know a college student who had a life transformation through his own sparkly light experience and is doing amazingly well now. When we remember that at our core we are love, joy and wisdom, then the events of the world do not seem as over-whelming. Love and joy are the best medicine. Just practice smiling at everyone for the rest of the day and see what happens! The wonderful thing about writing stories is that we realize we can’t necessarily change what has happened to us, but we can change the stories we tell about our lives. When we smile and have a joyful and positive attitude we attract smiling, sweet people and situations into our lives. So let’s practice sparkling!

SUSAN: How do you feel parents and grandparents can best support children?

AYN: By encouraging children to get in touch with their heart’s desire and then dream their lives into being. Every thought, word and deed creates the lives we live into. We help our children when we encourage them to thrive, blossom and do the things in life that bring them joy. Every successful person, whether it is a writer, singer or financier will tell you that they do what they love. Grandparents are often the ones who have time to dedicate to children, so I really encourage grandparents to read Sparkle and enjoy the outdoors with their grandchildren.

SUSAN: What is the greatest value to us of understanding and appreciating the unseen and invisible?

AYN: Yes, our little fairy friend Kachina is called one of the almost unseen. There is a force in nature that wants things to grow and thrive. It is helpful for us to get in touch with this source of life, for it cares for us and wants what is best for us. When we sit at the beach at sunset or go for a walk in nature we can often sense this great love that life has given us.

SUSAN: Have you written any books for adults?

AYN: I have written several books for adults. Tracking The Deer, Consider This, The Windhorse: Poems Of Illumination, Unquenchable Spiritual Fire and a novel, which I am just completing.

SUSAN: You just told me a wonderful story about a group who have read Windhorse; can you tell our viewers about that, Ayn?

AYN: There are students at Naropa University who sleep with it, because it reminds them to take their prayers into the dream world with them.

SUSAN: Why did you name the book The Windhorse?

AYN: It’s a Buddhist symbol that carries the Unquenchable Spiritual Fire on it’s back and lights up the world!

SUSAN: Can you tell us about your book, Unquenchable Spiritual Fire which I love as it’s about finding the Light within?

AYN: These are poems, prayers and affirmations to use when we want to remember that our best friend is never further away than our own heart. It was inspired by a personal experience of illumination, which is described in the introduction to the book. The cover contains the prayers of Howard Wills 100 times and is very healing simply to hold. I sleep with it when I am traveling.

SUSAN: I know that as with me Howard Wills has had a huge healing impact on your life, and that you dedicated this book to him; can you read that part to us?

AYN: While writing this book “ an extraordinary man by the name of Howard Wills opened the door of the Infinite Light for me. This body/mind complex dissolved into the Cosmic Consciousness for three days. There was no self, only an understanding of the dynamic loving intelligence of all of creation. After the experience I was a clear channel for the words that followed. ‘The Tiny Grasses’ is a love poem that shares a beautiful secret– the Divine Light loves every blade of grass, every galaxy and knows the perfect unfoldment of all things. At our wisest we can attempt to emulate the force of Life.

Friends and readers have reported having light activations while reading these words. Contained within these poems, prayers and invocations are keys to freedom. Enjoy the bliss of being and may we all understand that suffering is an illusion.”

SUSAN: Your poems are so melodic, have any of them been set to music?

AYN: Yes. Maria Cristina is just completing an album with several of the poems.

SUSAN: Could you read a short except from “I Am Love”?

Infinite One
Please Help Me Recall
Your Warm And Tender Embrace
In These Moments When I Forget Who I Am
Please Whisper Messages To Me
So That I May Remember
That I Am Love
Thank You

SUSAN: Where can we purchase your books?

AYN: In Alchemy Arts, Paradise Found, Chaucer’s Books in Santa Barbara, and Made in Ojai. They are also available for purchase at Amazon, via my Ayn Cates Sullivan Facebook page or on my website: www.sparkleandthegift.com

SUSAN: Thank you so much Ayn for bringing us with you into Sparkle’s magical world which you have reminded us is available to each of us every moment, no matter what our age!

Announcements: Ayn’s books are available in Santa Barbara at Alchemy Arts, at www.sparkleandthegift.com and at www.Amazon.com

Please visit Ayn’s website www.ayncatessullivan.com to sign up for news of her local
readings, book signings and workshops in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Ojai!