Ella’s Magic


Ella’s Magic:

A Story from the Award Winning Sparkle Series

A celebration of the uniqueness within each of us, Ella’s Magic is a stand-alone Sparkle Kids Easy Reader. This book is an accompaniment to the longer continual reader Sparkle & The Light, often read by parents or avid young readers with wild imaginations.

Ella’s Magic is the story of a young girl named Ella, who has a special secret. When she becomes curious, a light shines out of her forehead. Ella also has the ability to fly into the other worlds, consciously dreaming in other times and places. All is well until the kids at school realize she is different. Ella must then undertake a quest to discover why she is so unusual and how to best use her powers. This is an excellent book to help young children understand bullying, and to accept the uniqueness of their friends, as well as their own special gifts.


“This book is for every magical child who ever felt different or misunderstood.”

– Susan Lange, OMD, L.Ac.

“I love the message: for each of us to let our own special light shine through in life.”

– Tori Spelling, actress

“An enlightened way to teach all children of the world love, respect, and health.”

– Raquel Marcela Benson, author

“A guide in how to respectfully and lovingly treat others.”

– Ciara Bravo, actress


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Paperback – $9.95