Deep Red

Deep Red & The Divine Mother

Deep Red

There is one truth that shines through all of creation. Rivers and mountains, plants and animals, the sun, the moon and the stars, you and I — all are expressions of this one reality.  ~ Amma

As the deep red or pomegranate petal begins to unfold within our soul we may feel as if we are being held in a loving embrace by the Divine Mother. Deep red is a color we can relax into, for we feel the strength of the red, but also the depth of the luminous black. It is a color that opens within us when we need extra strength for our journey, when life has seemed like an uphill battle, or when we feel the need to simply surrender into loving arms. Deep red is a color that draws us into a contemplative silence. We may want to sit silently by a spring, or walk barefoot on the earth and feel the pulsations of the natural world soothing us and restoring our bodies.

We find our first mother in the natural world. When we wish to share our light in the world we can begin by planting seeds, by tending our children with care, we can walk with kindness upon the earth and begin sharing the qualities of the divine feminine, which include compassion, loving kindness, humility, tenderness, nurturing, divine love, reverence and respect for all life. The Divine Mother sees all of existence as sacred, for she reveres and honors all life. The Divine Feminine comes in the form of the preserver of life, the mother, the lover and the compassionate friend. She can be very intimate with us. Returning to these qualities will bring back balance and restore peace on earth. We are living in a time when mutual cooperation, understanding and harmony are our primary focus. We will eventually become the loving custodians of the earth and will learn that humanity can be supportive, loving, kind and that we can all flourish. We simply forgot how for a while.

How does your body feel when you take off your shoes and walk upon the bare earth?
What does it feel like to fill all of creation with your love?
What is your current understanding of the Divine Mother and how does she live within you?
What would the world look like if we lived with reverence and respect for all of life?

Deep Red Prayer