Coral & A Sense Of Place In This World

There is a unique place in this world, in our culture and in our world family that is specifically ours. Sometimes we have to try a few careers, situations or even marriages to get it right. There is something that lights up our soul, and that is what we need to follow. And no one has the right to stop us from living our bliss and sharing our own message in the way that we choose to share.


The Divine Self and the hero or heroine are intimately related. In life we are often faced with initiations that are designed to encourage us to step into the truth of who we are. We discover what we need when we look into the mirror of our Infinite Self and realize that we have everything we require within us already. With coral we can discover the skills and tools we need for our survival on earth. We recognize our unique capacities. We are always guided and loved as we learn and grow. Failure is an illusion, for in truth we simply have many opportunities for learning. Even if we find ourselves in a tiny ship in the middle of a vast sea, when we are truly in tune with the Infinite Light we can navigate whatever arises. What we may have thought was a hurricane can become a gentle breeze that helps fill our sails so that we are led, guided and directed on our journey home.
Coral is the embodiment of love. It is who we truly are, once our distortions have been washed away by a purified consciousness. Coral is a color favored by masters and those who choose to serve humanity and is sometimes referred to as the color of Christ Consciousness. Coral supports us in becoming embodiments of love.

Our true strength arises when we are willing to be vulnerable and feel the places within us that still need healing, for what has been broken can be mended and is all the stronger for it. Forgiveness and our amends are the key to our restoration.
We each have a place in the world. We have our own unique expression and gifts that the world is waiting for. Never let anyone diminish that light, and whether people want to hear it or not—never stop speaking your truth. That is the teaching of the coral petal of true nature and the lotus blossom.

Questions For Self-Inquiry: Inquire into the person you see looking back at you in the mirror. Really– go to your bathroom and take a long look at yourself in the mirror. How do you feel about the person who is looking back at you? This person has been with you for your entire life; do you deeply love this person? As you gaze into the mirror can you see the divine gazing back at you?
Explore this statement with yourself or a group of like-minded friends and begin to design a new story for yourself: “I am an embodiment of love and therefore…”

Coral Prayer