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My background:

I have offered psycho-spiritual intuitive sessions since 1991. The way I work with people has evolved over the past few decades. I realized that our bodies are very wise and understand the process of spiritual awakening. All we really need to do is dissolve what keeps us from living in a continual state of Self-Realization. And that takes some practice.

I will offer a glimpse of my spiritual journey.

SONGS OF THE UNIVERSE: I began by giving Aura-Soma Colour Therapeutic Readings, followed by Mythic Astrological Readings, and the creation of personalized Flower Essences and Entheos Color Essences. Working with vibrational remedies and the songs of stars was my humble beginning.

MINISTERY: I became a minister in the church of the Holy Beloved in 1993. My ministry has blossomed through many traditions since that time. I do practice holistic ministry and perform both weddings and funerals. It is clear to me that our soul never dies.

SPIRITUAL PSYCHOLOGY: Feeling I needed to be able to work with psychological material as well as spiritual, I then attended Pacific Graduate Institute and after a period of study in Depth Psychology shifted to Spiritual Psychology, graduating from the University of Santa Monica’s Spiritual Psychology’s Maters program in 2006.

TORAH & THE TREE OF LIFE: Feeling like I wanted to take my spiritual training further, I studied the Torah and Essene Mysticism with Rabbi Gabriel Cousens.

CELTIC SHAMANISM: I have also spent several decades involved in many Celtic Shamanism groups, most recently Caitlin Matthews programs in Britain. Soul retrieval, mediumship, oracular vision, channeling, and working with the Celtic Wheel of Life is part of the work I am sometimes called to do.

THE DIAMOND APPROACH: Since 2006, I have been involved with the Ridwan Mystery School and the Diamond Approach to Liberation.

My private sessions are very individual and linked to each person’s needs.

I work best with people who are in the process of spiritual awakening.

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Writing Sessions with Ayn

Work with an established author who has won over thirty literary awards and has had three best sellers.

Each year Ayn Cates Sullivan works with a few authors to prepare their books for the market place. Some of these authors will be chosen to become part of Infinite Light Publishing, LLC. Dr Sullivan likes to work with cultural creative and authors who are developing their unique voice, and particularly loves folklore, fairytales, women’s literature, arthurian legend and spiritual (not religious) writers and thinkers.


1 – An overall discussion about your writing project.
2 – Consultation about the best publisher, editor, illustrator or designer for your writing project.




1 – Begin your personal quest with in-person or Skype sessions.
2 – Prepare for a Celtic Quest in the USA, UK or Ireland.
3 – Learn the 8 Wheel Calendar and the Ogham, the language of the Trees.



1 – Intuitive Readings
2 – Weddings/Handfastings
3 – Walking Between Worlds/ Funerals
4 – Working with the Ancestors
5 – Personal Quests for Spiritual Awakening
6 – Rituals to Heal the Earth


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Private Infinite Light Sessions with Ayn (not currently available)


“Ayn, what an incredible evening! Thank you for the precious gift of being in your true nature and showing us how to discover our own. Blown away. In awe. In gratitude.” — Maryam Rumi
“You are INCREDIBLE, and your life’s work with the colors, in my mind, can become one of the best tools for evolution this world has seen in centuries. And I mean that with every fiber of my being!” — Jessie Lamando

After her awakening experience in 2011, Ayn shifted her focus to helping others inquire into, connect with and work with the Infinite Light. She says that she considers the Light her best friend, and that truly when people can relax and become receptive, the love that is waiting for them is often beyond belief. She has recently begun offering sessions to others who have found themselves awakening to a new reality. You can read about Ayn’s personal experience in her book Three Days in the Light.

90 minute Infinite Light Sessions: $250 each (students may obtain a discount)

60 minute Infinite Light Sessions: $200 each

Ayn reads intuitively with a combination of colors (the language of the soul) and mythic astrology. She has 25 years of experience. Together intuitive and seeker read the map of your life and how it is unfolding. Readings can take place in person, by phone or via Skype.   If you want to book a reading send an email to for times and availability. Appointments are paid in advance via check or PayPal.

Private 90 minute sessions with Ayn Cates Sullivan are $250

Private 60 minute sessions with Ayn Cates Sullivan are $200

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