Color-Shelf-400Ayn Cates Sullivan, MA, MFA, PhD, is a trained spiritual psychologist. She has offered intuitive color consultations for the past twenty-two years. She was originally trained by Aura-Soma in the UK through the advanced teacher training level and after completing her doctorate in literature at King’s College London, brought the gift of color and personal myth to many people in the USA and abroad.

She completed her Masters in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica in 2006 and has engaged in the Diamond Approach for a number of years. She was ordained as a Minister of the Infinite Light by Howard Wills in 2012.

In 1999, Ayn was called by the Divine Light to make her own flower and gem essences and starlight elixirs and now has her own line of products known as the Entheos Color Essences. She spent over a decade engaged in private study and in-depth research into the anatomy of the human soul and the esoteric qualities of color and light. There are three primary ways in which Ayn shares these ancient yet modern teachings for the modern seeker. The colors can be explored in a phone session in which colors are imagined and utilized in an intuitive soul reading. This means that color can be worked with anytime, anywhere in the world. The second way is much more profound, but it involves selecting Entheos Color Essences in person and experiencing a “Layout” on the body. In both types of sessions sessions the colors are used intuitively to offer insights into any area of life, as well as psychological and spiritual understanding and development. Each individual is encouraged to liberate themselves from years of untruth, and then begin to explore the True Self that is already well, and happy, and free. Color Essences help forge a direct connection with personal guidance.

We live in a world of color, which is always speaking to us if we can learn to read it. Color acts as a map for the seeker who is interested in spiritual awakening, and the Entheos Color Essences assists us ever so gently in opening to the world of spirit in our own unique way. Ayn works with the Entheos Color Essences as tools to help us distinguish between the conflicts and limitations of the personality — and the skills, gifts and capacities of True Nature. She believes that as we incorporate the colors into our body, mind and soul we free ourselves to be who we truly are. The colors act as guides showing us the way to our own liberation and the possibility of living a beautiful and fulfilled life.

To schedule an Entheos Color Essence appointment call: 805-350-3239 or email:

Sessions can be done in person in Santa Ynez, California or over the telephone. 

TELEPHONE: Quest Consultations are one hour personal color readings. They can be done easily over the telephone. Cost $165:

IN PERSON: The Celtic Cross sessions are in person ninety minute sessions. They include a color or color combination reading, and a personalized color therapy session where colors are placed on the body and work in the auric field of the questioner. The sessions cost $250 and an Entheos Color Essence is included in each consultation. Contact Ayn to book your private session: 

PERSONAL COLOR RETREAT: The retreat is for the spiritual seeker who wishes to begin to understand how to read and consult with the Entheos Color Essences. These are generally day long retreats, but are designed specifically for the student. Please contact Ayn to discuss the details.

ESOTERIC WORKSHOPS: For students interested in the study and application of esoteric color and light, Ayn Cates Sullivan also teaches Entheos Color Essence workshops. Contact her for more details or visit her events page: