Citrine & Cosmic Intelligence


As we awaken the inner critic fades into the intelligence of the light itself, the inner noise is replaced by an inner music more akin to a bird’s song. We may discover that the grasses, trees, flowing water and living air are all alive and filled with light. This is our true illumined state, our divine origin and promise of how we are meant to be and live. Human beings are the bridge between this world and all other worlds. We can be the enlightened stewards of the earth helping all things thrive and grow.

As the citrine petal of our soul unfolds we begin to remember the source of cosmic intelligence and love. We may become increasingly sensitive and develop a fondness for animals, even intuiting their thoughts and feelings. We may develop such a resounding and indwelling peace that we may grasp that the lion can lay down with the lamb. In other words, we may begin to understand how we can overcome our lower drives (survival, lust, fear) and instead function from cosmic intelligence. We can shift from competitiveness to cooperation with all living things.

Once the citrine petal opens there is often an understanding that there is nothing to seek because what we have been looking for has been found within our own essence. What we touch often heals naturally, because the intelligence of life knows the natural order of things.

Is there a special plant or animal that you have an affinity with?
Take a spiritual book off the shelf and open to a random message and see how it influences your inquiry.
Explore what happens when you ask the sun to fill every cell of your body.
What is it is like to feel free, radiant and filled with light?

Citrine Prayer