BlueIn the Beginning: BLUE

In the beginning the Word already was.
The word was in God’s presence, and
what God was the Word was.
–John 1:11

Look up and behold the open expanse of the daytime sky. The blue that surrounds us is the color of perfect health and constant peace reminding us constantly of our divine origins. By this I do not mean that we will find God in the sky, instead that the sky is a reflection of the vastness of our own inner nature. When our blue soul center opens we have access to higher levels of understanding outside the confines of the linear mind. As we drop the garments of the outer world, the inner world reveals its treasures to us. All that is required is curiosity and willingness. Blue is the beginning of an exciting journey of inner discovery that leads us to truth and wellbeing. Practice the Blue Awareness Meditation to gain a deeper relationship with the blue petal of your soul.

Blue, the undifferentiated oneness of blue, is reminiscent of all knowledge, all knowing and precise discrimination. Blue is the color related to the quality of mercy and divine love. In the color blue we become aware of the abundant nature of life. Meditating with blue we become absorbed by consciousness. Eventually we merge with blue so much that we expand our minds enough to come to know gasses and atoms in the external environment and spaciousness within. We can move beyond the limitations of the ego structures and begin to experience our oneness with all things. It is in the blue state that we open to know our true nature. When blue opens within us we are consciousness itself.

Blue is the doorway into our lives during birth and the doorway out as we depart. It is the energy that links us to our paternal lineage and the wisdom of our forefathers. It is connected to the throat chakra and is the channel through which we give expression to our thoughts and beliefs in the world. It can be used negatively or positively, and that is our choice in each and every moment. We can choose tolerance, peace, acceptance, or we can enter into division or even war. The more peace we have found within the more peace we generally observe in our external environment. The more we accept others the more others tend to accept us.

What I am thinking and what I am saying co-creates the world I am living into. My conversations with reality design my life, for Creation responds to my thoughts, wishes, dreams and desires. Each and every one of us has the free will to decide what stories to tell about our lives. We have the potential to merge into the oneness of God and co-create miracles for the benefit of all. We may also choose to use this energy only for personal gratification, yet there is a consequence for there can arise feelings of isolation, depression, known as the blues. We get to choose how we work with blue. We can come to know the vast Light that exists within each and every one of us, or we can deny it. In every moment with our words, thoughts and beliefs we have a choice. The truth is that we are all one, yet we experience this plane dualistically. In blue we can experience the unity of one greater consciousness.

When we struggle with blue there is usually a misperception of reality that is outdated. It arises in us as a depression or a sense of discomfort. The reason we are here on earth is to grow and evolve in terms of consciousness. We have each been given specific gifts, which has to do with our own unique missions. There is no accident that we have passions or talents, for spirit always reveals our next steps to us. When we are challenged it is time to turn our face towards God.

Blue is universally recognized as the medium of knowingness and experiential aliveness. As we relax into essential blue we ultimately begin to relinquish our dependency on the external world, and trust our own direct inner experience. Blue challenges us to express ourselves. In the highest sense it urges us towards communication with our inner Self. This higher aspect of our selves wants to communicate non-violently and masterfully to build relationships and manifest projects on earth. It can evoke the desire to sit with evolved teachers and enlightened masters. It calms us and helps us rest peacefully in full understanding. Blue speaks our desires through conversation into manifestation.

Blue is a cosmic color. It invites us to inquire in to who we really are. Who is this “I”, this Self? The little self is a self-image with very little substance. It seems incredibly real and yet it is only a temporary expression. The Self is not a deficient emptiness, it is who we are as eternal beings. This I AM Presence is who are when we let go of our misinterpretations of reality and remember who we truly are as emanations of divine Light. And it is always a vast mystery.

SELF-INQUIRIES: Explore what it is like to completely and totally surrender to the flow of goodness and life.
The color blue is about communication, so feel free to enter into a lengthy monologue with yourself or an inquiry partner about simply what is arising in this moment.
Share an experience you have had with peace, perhaps a sense of peace that passed all rational understanding.
Tell me about your I AM Presence.


To My Mother And Father
I Love You
I Release All Judgments I Have Held
In This Lifetime Or Any Other Lifetime
You Have Done The Best Job You Could Do
Thank You For Giving Me My Life
I Release You From Your Duty
And I Continue To Love You
I Love Myself
And Forgive Myself For Any Misinterpretations
Of Reality That I Was Once Entangled In
I Know That The Light Has Always Been With Me
And I Am Part Of That Light
There Has Never Been An Instance
When I Was Not Loved
For The Truth Is
I Am Love
We All Are Love
We Are Divine Beings
Having An Experience Of Earth
We Have All Been Learning Together
There Has Never Been A Time When We Were Separate
From What Is Good And True
Although We Might Have Thought It
The Heart Knows
The Full Union Of Existence
The Mind Now Is In Service To The Heart
The Truth, The Love And The Light
Have Set Me Free
Have Set Us All Free If We Wish It
God I Ask Now
That Any Patterns That No Longer Serve Me
Be Taken And Transformed
In The Luminous Blue Light
Of The Divine
Thank You