The Many Faces of the Goddess

by AynCates on May 1, 2018

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may1-1There is one subject that really lights me up without fail. Any mention of Grail legend and you have my full attention. What is the Grail? The Grail is a symbol that means different things to different people, and some people swear it is a physical object.

The image pictured here is the Vesica Pisces that is on the cover of the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. Early Christians thought of the symbol as the meeting of Heaven and Earth. The place where the two circles met was known as the Fish, a symbol for Christ. Others see the symbol as the meeting of the masculine and feminine, the dance of the Green Lady and the Green Man. There is also a 2,000 year old rumor that Joseph of Arimathea came to Glastonbury England bringing with him the Grail Cup that had been used during the Last Supper, and also contained the blood of Christ from the Crucifixion. This object had incredible healing powers and was said to be hidden inside the Chalice Well. There were others who said that the Cup was actually the Magdalene who had been hidden for her safety in France or the British isles. Kabbalists argue that we have it all wrong, and that the Holy Grail is an emerald or a blue stone with amazing restorative powers. Whatever Joseph brought, the legend is that he started the first church in England. Glastonbury became the pilgrimage place for seekers, and continues to hold a great fascination to all seekers of Divine Light.

There are older stories also, in which the Grail is a dark cauldron that must be won from the Underworld of Annwn. Sometimes the object sits between the thighs of a strong Goddess, which makes us wonder what else the Cup might be. Clearly there is a connection with feminine genitalia. Some would say that Sheela Ni Gig who displays an exaggerated vulva is a Grail Goddess, others would find that sacrilegious.

To me the Grail is the missing feminine that we must quest for in order to rediscover our wholeness. In myth and legend, when the Grail is achieved the Wasteland heals. In other words, when we discover what is missing in our psyche, everything in our life and the life around us flourishes. It is a worthy quest.

Lost Wisdom of the Grail Telesummit

may1-2I was rather pleased recently when Saira Salmon contacted me and asked if I would be a speaker on the Lost Wisdom of the Grail Telesummit. I am excited to be joining experts around the world to discuss my favorite topic. I will be focusing on the Grail as the missing feminine in most religious and spiritual traditions. The Goddess does appear in ancient Welsh texts, and in my next book (due out this autumn), I do connect the Celtic traditions with the Judeo-Christian tales of Grail Knights and Champions. Did you know that the first person to achieve the Holy Grail was a woman? Please sign up and join us:


Happy Beltane!

Beltane is the Celtic May Day that begins on moonrise on May Day’s Eve, and is generally celebrated on May 1. The Spring fertility festival honors the solar divinity Belenos and his union with the May Queen. Weddings and handfastings are common at this time. It is often celebrated with May Pole Dancing and jumping the Beltane fire for luck. It is a happy day that supports both the masculine and feminine, and our continuation of life on Earth. So happy Beltane! May you have luck in love and a long healthy life!



Write Because You Have To

by AynCates on September 27, 2017

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Iayn-reads-to-girlf I could offer ONE tip or piece of advice for an aspiring writer, I would say – BE AUTHENTIC – find your voice.

In the beginning, aspiring writers need to learn as much as they can from well-known and established authors. It is wise to take time to read the classics, and immerse yourself true literature. One exercise is to write a poem or story that reads like your favorite author, and repeat that a few times. It is good to join groups.

throw away everything
you have ever learned —
and go out into nature.

Find a lake, an ocean or a river and sit beside it. Observe what is happening in the landscape. Listen with the ears of your heart, and from that place find your own voice. A writer must develop his or her own authentic voice, which is only found deep within.

What you have to say is unique
and only you can say it.

The Greeks and Romans spoke of the 9 Muses, or Goddesses who offered inspiration for writers and musicians. In Celtic folklore we encounter the Sidhe, the tall beautiful people or faery-folk, who whisper into poets ears. In Wales the Twyleth Teg, (pronounced “tell-with-teg”), might take a poet to the Otherworlds where they might be granted a gift of inspiration. In Arthurian Legend, the Lady of the Lake arises from the misty waters and takes us on a quest to discover the Grail – our True Self. The imaginal can carry us into fantastic worlds, where we reign as heroines and heroines.

The poet W.B Yeats is a famous example of one who listened to the living landscape. John O’Donohue was another writer who was aware of the Otherworlds.

To be a true writer you need to
be in touch with your soul.

It takes a lot of time and commitment to write a book. Please, don’t write to become famous. Don’t write for an audience. Don’t even write to succeed or fail, because that isn’t the point.

Write because there is a river of music
flowing from you so strongly that you
cannot stop the words.

coffee-cupBrew Your Book Virtual Event
September 27-29

We have come to a point in our evolution where we simply have to support one another. Since the beginning of time, women have been helping each other through the birthing process!

I have joined Kim Eldredge and thirteen other female author’s for the Brew Your Book Virtual Event. There is quite a lot going on, so click to see if some of it might support the birth of your book.



Indie Publishing

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Avalon, The Island of Apples

August 24, 2016 Media

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Legends of the Grail is off to press!

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