Luminous Black

Luminous Black

The Luminous Black is a wonderful color for meditation and deep contemplation for it helps us return to our Source. It is inherently feminine, and maintains a lovely restful vibration. Luminous Black holds us in the yin creation process, as a womb holds a developing fetus. Time dissolves into the vastness of the universe and there is a sense of the Eternal Self, the part of us that moves from lifetime to lifetime without changing. All of the stars, galaxies, planets and space in between support us in our manifestation.

As we remember our Luminous Black essence we might feel like starship cruisers exploring the unknown mysteries of the universe. Our True Nature is the simplicity of Presence expressing itself perfectly in the moment. When the Luminous Black awakens within us we often need to be held in the amorphous loving embrace of the cosmos until we are ready to stir and begin our next phase of development. The life force of the seed radiates luminosity and is fed by the radiance of the stars. The Luminous Black invites the potential of the true power of being. In this velvety and deeply comfortable spaciousness our soul enjoys her own potency.

When we are in touch with the Luminous Black we are patient and know that humanity will slowly notice the errors and begin to ask new questions and make new choices. The feminine is the vessel of life and needs to be honored as such. Of course this aspect exists within men as well as women. As the feminine makes its appearance on the earth again there is a promise of a rebirth and an entirely new way of living.The Luminous Black invites us to remember the three energies of creation that are always at work in our lives: creation, preservation and destruction. In the cosmic stillness of the Luminous Black, there is a remembering of our origin and our eternal essence. We are invited to embrace life as a gift and live as fully as we can on this voyage of consciousness. We are here to learn and grow. We can offer pain or suffering to the Luminous Black to be released and erased. True Nature is discovered within our own being. When freed from the snares of illusion, our creative potential is vast.

SELF-INQUIRY:  What old energies are you being called to release? As you close your eyes, ask yourself if you feel held by time and space? Are you being breathed by the universe?