Celtic roots, mystical places, shamans and druids… Teri Williams interviews Ayn Cates Sullivan on Soulful Living. 

Dr Pat interviewing Ayn Cates Sullivan about the powerful archetypes in Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses.



Ayn’s interview with Jason on the Spiritual Handyman Show – Myth & Magic

Ayn Cates Sullivan with Richard Dugan: Tell Me Your Story – Celtic Myth & Legend.

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Brandon Beachum interviewing Ayn Cates Sullivan on The Positive Head Podcast.


This audio is a MP3 file of Ayn reading “The Shapeshifter” arising out of an ancient Irish story of Brigid and the Cailleach. It is followed by a healing Visualization and light transmission with Mirabai Devi. This story is part of the Legends of the Grail series.

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Listen to Ayn Cates Sullivan

Ayn speaks about Celtic Mythology, the quest for the Holy Grail and how ancient wisdom can support us today.

Live reading of A Story of Becoming” at Granada Bookstore in Santa Barbara. Jan 24, 2015

Story of Danu, the Great Mother Goddess of the Tuatha de Dannan of Ireland

Ayn reads the Story of Danu, the Great Mother Goddess of the Tuatha de Dannan of Ireland at a live event in Ojai in 2014. It is part of a chapter from my upcoming Voices of The Goddess Book which will be released in 2015.


From the Heart

Maria Cristina’s latest CD, From the Heart. The lyrics were co-created by Ayn Cates Sullivan and Maria Cristina. Maria’s angelic voice uplifts the spirit and inspires hope in her listeners.

More about From the Heart | Listen to Audio Tracks