Author Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D.

About the Author

Ayn Cates Sullivan, MA, MFA, Ph.D. is the owner and president of Infinite Light Publishing, an independent publishing company based in Santa Barbara County in California. With a deep love of literature, animals and the natural world, Dr Sullivan publishes books designed to be a positive contribution to humanity. The company began with spiritual children’s stories, and has grown to publish award winning books on Celtic mythology, folklore, health and spirituality by emerging authors. Dr. Sullivan obtained her BA with honors at Hollins University and her master’s and doctorate degrees in Literature from Columbia University and King’s College London. After co-owning and running the Healing Center of Santa Monica in the mid-1990s, she moved to Santa Barbara County where she continues to offer private consultations and workshops for people interested in the Heroine’s Journey. She currently lives with her husband, children, and variety of horses and pets on a ranch in Santa Ynez, California. Her educational experiences coupled by life led her into the study and practice of what makes one whole. Her inspirational books include Consider This, Tracking the Deer, The Windhorse, and Three Days in the Light, as well as an award-winning children’s series including Sparkle & the Gift, Sparkle & the Light, Ella’s Magic and A Story of Becoming. Her books on Celtic mythology include Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses and Heroines of Avalon & Other Tales. She has won over thirty literary awards.

Ayn and John Patrick