Author Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D.

About the Author

Ayn Cates Sullivan, MA, MFA, Ph.D. is an award winning and best selling author. Her mythological and visionary fiction books offer inspiration and wisdom to many people in the North America, Britain, Ireland, and the rest of the English speaking world. Her latest book, A Story of Becoming, has won 18 prestigious literary awards, including gold medals with Reader’s Favorite, Nautilus, and Literary Classics. The book was named a division winner at the Paris, London and Great Southeast Book Festivals. It continues to be a best selling book on Amazon. Her her series, “Legends of the Grail” launches in September 2017. The first volume Stories of Celtic Goddesses, is a collection of ancient Irish myths, and the missing or untold stories of women told in first person.

Dr Sullivan obtained her masters and doctorate in literature from Columbia University and King’s College London. She currently lives with her husband, two children and variety of horses and pets on a ranch in Santa Ynez, California. Her educational experiences coupled by life lead her into the study and practice of what makes one whole.

Ayn’s many inspirational books include Tracking The Deer, Consider This: Recovering Harmony & Balance Naturally, The Windhorse: Poems Of Illumination, and an award winning children’s series including: Sparkle & The Gift, Sparkle & The Light, Sparkle & The Fireflies (2015) and A Story Of Becoming.

Ayn practices loving partnership as a way to fully know and realize oneself with her husband of many years, John Patrick Sullivan. www.noendzone.com. The two can sometimes be found riding horses in the Topa Topa Mountains of Ojai or playing in the Pacific Ocean.

Ayn and John Patrick