Best Seller ‘A Story of Becoming’

About the Book | Best Seller | Order Book Review Reviewed by Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers’ Favorite 5star-shiny-web1Unseen, unaware, a seed lies deep within the soil. A Story of Becoming by Ayn Cates Sullivan PhD is a seed’s journey of self-discovery. The seed reaches toward the light and breaks the surface into a beautiful majestic world of wonder. Observing the world creates times of self reflection and transformation. As the seedling grows and matures, she becomes more in tune with her surroundings, finding harmony in nature. However, as she continues to develop, she questions her purpose in the meadow. Why was she created? What is she becoming? When the storms of life alter the world as she knows it, she gains further understanding of her future and destiny. Renewed, refreshed and full of life, she gives of herself generously, multiplying her goodness for generations to come. Ayn Cates Sullivan’s A Story of Becoming reveals the miracle of life. This allegorical narrative may be diminutive in pages, but it is extensive in meaning. Elements of truth buried beneath the surface of the narrative resemble the nutrients held within the soil that nourishes nature’s fauna. I read it several times, discovering hidden gems of understanding each time. Sullivan’s writing style is sensory, simplistic, and eloquently imaginative. Belle Crow DuCray’s artwork illustrates the story beautifully, bringing depth and animation to Sullivan’s words. The fantasy fable’s theme echoes the unique purpose of life. Its mood is magical; nuances of awe, child-like innocence, and the wonderment of creation meld together masterfully. Sullivan creates balance in the narrative by portraying the challenges of life with the fortitude to overcome by becoming who you are destined to be. A Story of Becoming will inspire both young and mature with its timeless message.

on December 28, 2016

It is indeed a rare gift where an author’s skill in providing a “spiritual allegory” actually enlivens its characters to inspire the reader. This allegory will genuinely contribute to the reader’s quest of personal growth. Ayn Cates Sullivan has provided the audience with a touching, lovely, and thought provoking fable to be enjoyed by children or adults alike. And, this book is sumptuously illustrated with remarkable art by Belle DuCray that shimmers with originality.

This heart warming journey inspires the reader to gently pursue the higher path, considered the ultimate goal of human existence. That goal for some of us is “becoming”. Becoming a compassionate, accessible, mature, loving being on our journey despite life’s challenges, back slides and pitfalls.

Can a book really do that? From my point of view, the answer is a resounding “Yes”. This book is extraordinary and the art is exceptional. 

A Story of Becoming, written by multi award-winning author Ayn Cates Sullivan, is a creative, inspiring, and metaphorical story that reminds us all that our paths in life, although seemingly minor, might lead to something great and wonderful. The story also reminds us that we all have potential that needs to be realized, and one’s ‘mere existence’ may be the miracle that another needs and/or seeks. A Story of Becoming is definitely one of those timeless books that will continue to have meaning throughout one’s life journey. I’m not surprised by the amount of awards that this book has won, as the story evokes a number of emotions. I’m sure it will affect readers in a variety of ways as they connect to the many themes that are presented. The illustrations are prefect as they really bring the story ‘to life,’ making it a great gift for readers young and old.

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