Often our greatest understanding comes in the form of legends and folklore. Ayn Cates Sullivan’s mythological and visionary fiction books offer inspiration and wisdom to many people in the North America, Britain, Ireland, and the rest of the English speaking world. Her latest book, A Story of Becoming, has won 18 prestigious literary awards, including gold medals with Reader’s Favorite, Nautilus, and Literary Classics. The book was named a division winner at the Paris, London and Great Southeast Book Festivals. It continues to be a best selling book on Amazon. Click here to learn more about her books.

legends-of-the-grail-cvr-1When a woman discovers the Goddess within her own nature, she becomes whole. She becomes an embodiment of the Grail, the vessel in which the divine light can dwell. This is also true for men. They also become much more attractive to women. Legends of the Grail is a collection of ancient Irish myths, and the missing or untold stories of Goddesses told in first person. Legends of the Grail is ready for pre-purchase and will launch in September 2017.

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Story telling and myth have been part of my life since I was a young girl and in some way we all are on a hero or heroine’s journey home. Color and prayer led me back into the embrace of the Infinite Light, and to a creative, joyous and fulfilled life. Inquiry gives us a practice so that we may communicate and enjoy one another. Now at the time when the divine feminine is enjoying a renaissance on earth, it is my pleasure to share what I have discovered on my journey with you and to feel that perhaps another might be assisted in awakening to who they are as well. May this earth rejoice in our collective remembering. Blessings, Ayn

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Ayn speaks about Celtic Mythology, the quest for the Holy Grail and how ancient wisdom can support us today.

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This website is an invitation to know yourself more deeply. There are many stories and poems that invite us back into awareness, including fables for children of all ages, beginning with Sparkle & The Gift. There is also a series of twenty-three Colors with inquiry and prayer to spark your interest in your Authentic Self. We may become curious about who we are without the stories that we carry with us. After all, we can choose to tell our story any way, at any time, for we are the authors of our lives. This website is a mythic adventure to our own restoration and retelling of our tale. There are sacred meditations so that we can develop a container or chalice for the Infinite Light. We invite you to taste the 10,000 year old practice of self-inquiry, which is known as one of the most trusted and well-developed paths to liberation. Most of all, we wish that you join our conversation of the heart and remember who you are…